• Golden Trojan

    More interested than concerned. The next coach will take care of recruiting, can’t do anything about limitations and you can’t win a fight with the NCAA at this point.

    • Joe Blow

      You actually could fight the NCAA……if Patty had any balls. BTW, he was blackballed by The Cadre last night.

    • HeySucs

      SUC needs to offer better Fudgesicle options and optional class attendance to save their dwindling 2014 FB recruits.

    • rusoviet

      Agreed – what Haden et. al. do not want is a repeat of the post John Robinson I era (1982-2001). It was amazing at the hires made and how quickly it turned once a true leader and skilled coach was found (PC).

      Look how fast UCLA has rebounded although their next 6 games will reveal how skilled Mora is – he still looks like the real deal for them.

      This program is still in the top 5 nationally (AL, Notre Dame, USC, OH St. & OK).

      Agreed the NCAA screwed us – suck it up and move on – just as the holding calls seemed excessive against Notre Dame – practice so those are minimized.

  • wolfman, you are so SLY!!! i LOVE the way you frame this innocent looking question, when in reality you are simply pointing out the litany of crushing problems facing the moribund trOXan football program!!!
    no coach, recruits defecting, the potential waste of 5 additional schollies, and the NCAA making it clear they will not budge on any further begging from Bounce Pass Hadden!!!
    add to the list of woes, rampant injuries, out of control penalties, shrinking fan attendance and constant crotch kicks from the Classy Cadre and it adds up to a collapse of EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!
    Somewhere, Missy Conboy is smiling!!! (that’s for certain because i am emailing her a link to his post!!
    i guess i should come clean: i have been sending links of key wolfman posts to the NCAA Infractions Commitee!!! who knew?? i just want them to know how trOXans REALLY FEEL about them!!! and i espicially like sending links when the late Paul Dee is blasted on this blog!!!
    let just say, dont even bother to try any further begging, it wont work.
    ; )


      I almost feel bad for always laughing at you. My parents taught me not to laugh at people with mental disorders.

    • Jack B

      Bucket Boy,

      I’ve got to hand it to you. For a guy whose team is so relentlessly mediocre and downright crappy much of the time, your need to tweak the nose of a massively more impressive program, the USC Trojans, is unparalleled in obnoxiousness. Your time spent here is also near unequalled, typical for many Little Gutty trolls who have nothing better to do but live on Inside USC. Congrats on your devotion to all things Trojan. And thanks for all those times you rolled over on the field dead for us. We’ve finally learned to love ya!

  • betomas

    Whether to have a turkey sandwich or a some meat balls at this time of night.

  • B.Miller