• so at a MINIMUM, trOXans have a full two deep at every positin plus plenty left over for Special Teams!!
    GAAAAAWD, quit the crying!!!
    Utah will control the line of scrimmage, so Kessler is gonna have to light it up!!! (chortle)

    • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

      Exactly. Who cares. For once I agree with Bucket. But SUCLA is a scrawny wimp who sucker punches guys while holding his big brother’s hand. No respect for SUCLA the scrawny coward. I wonder if he needs big bro to hold his little pee pee while he puts his TROJAN on for his boyfriend? SUCLA doesn’t have the nerve to go on his bRuin board and discuss the 60-14 hurting that is about to be put on the bRuins. And then when we 13-9 the guttie SUCLAs and they have a 9-4 season, SUCLA will still crawl in here with a Reggie Bush, Cheaty Petey or Lame Kiffin quip that only warms his pathetic heart. Ate CLAP bRuin.

    • Cheap seats

      What’s your prediction for the UCLA – Oregon game?

      Or will you be too busy watching our game?

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Bucket doesn’t get the Pac-12 Network, since he and Wolfie are bunkies…..

      • trOXans are playing a late game too?? uh oh. i’ll have to make a game time decision.

        the Utah-Southern Cal game will be about as exciting as the game against the Rudy’s. lots of punts.

        on the other hand, the Ducks at home are pretty much unbeatable…..i don’t think even Alabama could go into Eugene and win right now.

        but our one chance is our OS LB’s are blazing fast (Jack and Barr) and our DL is deep so we can rotate them every other series. but since we cant run the ball well right now, we will have to shoot it out with them…..if Hundley plays his best game, and we get a few breaks, we might have a chance.

  • HeySucs

    A prefab SUC fan excuse should SUC take in the shorts at the mausoleum Saturday.

    • The Bat Fooster

      Sorry to hear about you getting defrocked. I told you to keep your hands off the boys. Hope you find your way back to Jesus. (Hint: He’s with you even now).

  • JayJR

    “USC will have 58 available scholarship players” plus nearly an additional 40 walk-ons in uniform “for the Utah game.”

    There are 110 players on the official USC roster. If there are not capable of playing, then why are they on the team.

    • Cheap seats

      Did you really ask that? Have you watched the movie, “Rudy”?

      Just think of 40 Rudys.

      • B.Miller


  • B.Miller

    At least we are going in the right directions.. According to Wolf, after ND game we only had 39….