Sunday Night With Ed Orgeron

USC coach Ed Orgeron said things might be simplified for the offensive line after yesterday’s struggles and the fact it is going into a hostile environment at Oregon State on Friday. Orgeron said there were too many missed assignments against Utah.

The Trojans were 3 for 15 on third down and are ranked 116th in the nation with a 28-percent success rate. Orgeron said Utah blitzes and poor decisions by QB Cody Kessler were the reasons for Saturday’s issues.

“The quarterback must make better decisions,” Orgeron said.

Orgeron noted USC’s had 106 rushing attempts the past three games without a fumble.

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  • Arturo

    Max Browne, time to join the true freshmen party.

    • Cheap seats

      I’m sure glad fans don’t run football teams.

      You really think he should jump in now and burn his redshirt? The kid looks like he weighs 160 pounds. Also, what use will it be when he’s going to be learning a new offense in just a few weeks from now?

      • Ben Factor

        This is a logical post.

  • Ben Factor

    I’m glad that the HC is jumping in to direct that OL assignments be simplified. Missed assignments have been ongoing, and clearly you have to try something different. What exactly have the two OL coaches recommended before Sunday?

    I’m curious whether Kessler’s issues were in failing to call audibles, or failure to make correct decisions after the snap.

  • B.Miller

    you didn’t think about simplifying the Offense after Kiffin left? Let these kids put their hand in the ground and go!

    and does anyone know how to audible? When you see 8-9 defenders in the box, is it possible to change the run play to a boot leg or screen?

  • trojandude207

    It seems the really great quarterbacks have coaches that give them free reign to run the show. USC quarterbacks have rarely had that and those that did still needed more confidence than what has been doled out in the past few seasons. If he needs to make better decisions teach him how coach.