Recruiting Thought

Obviously there was no worry about holding the recruiting class together after Lane Kiffin got fired (except for Derik Calhoun who would have decommitted anyways) but maybe another question is how the new coach will feel about all these recent commitments?

He might not have many scholarships left by the time he gets hired in December, which is when a hire should take place.

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  • steveg

    Wolf, you think a new coach is going to come in sometime in December and fill an entire slate of 18 recruits from scratch?
    He can come in and pull offers which is much easier than beating the recruiting trail for an entire slate. Let it go Wolf, I am sure Orgeron has been down the recruiting road much more than you have and has done an outstanding job in the past.

    • Stu Azole


      • TrojanFamily


  • john wolcott

    Ever hear o the Dodgers’ Mattingly, with a one year contract at the moment

    How about giving Coach O a one year contract to see how he can do from scratch. If it does not work out, then SC has not lost much.

    • TrojanFamily

      TERRIBLE idea. Commit to your coach. If you aren’t willing to give him a 5 year deal to build the program, then you have no faith in him and should move on.

      Any new coach should get at least four years, so he can have at least one season with all of his own recruits.

    • TrojanFan

      A one year deal? You mean an extended tryout

    • wrong

      If you’re rounding up, he already has a one year deal. This year. It will effectively end in early December (after USC’s last regular season game and after the last regular season game of the coach hired). Orgeron will likely get to coach the bowl game if he can guide them that far. The new coach will be recruiting his tail off then. Or recruiting her tail off if they hire Condi.

      Obviously, hiring a current college coach will be more advantageous when it comes to recruiting because the regular season of the coach ends sooner. Let’s just hope they don’t hire a coach that insists on waiting to start at USC until after their current school’s bowl game.

      • rusoviet

        Well if that’s your conclusion then so much for NFL hires i.e. mid-January

    • Ted

      I think SC deserves better then Orgeron. Also the comparison between Mattingly with 1 year contract is vastly different with a 1 year contracted college coach. The recruits are committing for at least 3 years or even 5 years. I don’t think they would commit to a coach that has 1 year on the contract. That is why most coaches have automatic extensions that is 5 years.

  • jetman624

    I think Ed O could be a great coach for this school. I would LOVE to see him get a shot with no roster limits.

  • Joe Blow

    “anyways”? What a hick.

  • john wolcott

    O.K., O.K, so maybe not one of my better ideas

  • B.Miller

    How about we worry about USC hiring a HC first!