Kicker Andre Heidari Says He Is Out Of Funk

USC kicker Andre Heidari said he is no longer lacking confidence or in a “fun” like last week.
“I felt I needed to redeem myself,” Heidari said. “I do think I’m out of the funk. I hit the ball a lot better in practice today.”
Heidari made 4 of 5 FGs against Utah last weekend after detecting a flaw in his kicks.
“I watched all kicks from my freshman season (in 2011) and I totally saw a change from then to now,” Heidari said. “I didn’t have my eyes back and I (wasn’t standing) tall (this season).”
Wonder why no one noticed this before last week?

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  • “Wonder why no one noticed this before??”Great question, as always, wolfman!!!

    so Crazy Legs Hadari has to figure this out solo?? what do you Dummies pay this special teams hotshot John Baxter for??

    wow, what a NERD!!

    • TrojanFan

      Hundley should be your focus….64 yards, beyond pathetic. The wheels on the skates go round and round!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Is this your latest of many unsuccessful attempts to hang a nickname on someone?
      Like all the others, you will be the only person who ever uses it.
      Keep trying though.

      • Still mad about being called Jezro, I see.

        Tough tacos, JEZRO!!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath


    • Golden Trojan

      Have to concur here CB, you would think the special teams coach is like a golf coach, a master of analyzing your swing, making sure you are consistent with it and quick to detect flaws.

      • TrojanFan


  • gotroy22

    That’s sad that our players have to coach themselves. No wonder we had that collapse in the program. This never would have happened under Pete.

  • B.Miller

    I have not seen anything special about USC special teams play!
    New HC, first thing to do is get rid of Baxter..