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What’s been the biggest issue for USC this season?
Coaching change   Depleted roster/Scholarship reductions   Marqise Lee’s injuries   Lack of improvement   Special teams     

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  • TrojanFamily

    Easily the coaching change–it puts the team in a holding pattern until they hire a new coach. And football is unlike any other sport in the importance of coaching and how infrequent mid-season coaching changes are. I’m amazed the team has gone 2-1 after a coaching change, just because of how difficult it is to change coaches mid-season. And the most important issue going forward, by far, is who the next coach is going to be.


    Here’s a great video showing how dirty fucla’s defense is and how bad the pac12 refs are.

    • Joe H

      Under Pete in particular, if SC even though about doing some of those plays flags would be flying all over the place. If UCLA is playing anyone else, 35 gets the taunting and targeting flags. The hit out of bounds was late but a judgment call. The leg whip when he was on the ground should have been called as well. Are Pac12 refs really that bad?

      Mora is a hot head nut. He will melt down at some point. The team looks to be taking on his personality. This will cost them as well when it matters.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        So was Rey Maulaluga’s hit on Cowan legal? Or clean? Go check it out on YouTube. Was a flag thrown? No. UCLA finally develops some balls on D and the SC fans are all up in arms. Barr, Zumwalt, Kendricks, Jack, McCarthy, and Vanderdoes look forward to greeting SC on their home turf on 11/30. May the cleanest, best team win.


          LOL yes they grew a pair. Getting trounced and giving up 42 points. Keep taunting though, they looked great. How are zumwalt’s ankles?

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            Trounced. Right. That was the least amount of points scored this season by the nation’s #1 offense. It was 21-14 with 13 min left in the game. What other team in the nation has stuck with Oregon this year into the fourth quarter–or even the second? But of course, I’m sure SC could do better? Too bad you’ll have no shot of playing them in the P12 championship game. That would be fun to watch.

        • Joe H

          Late hits out of bounds are tough judgement calls. Ray’s hit probably should have been flagged as well but I am sympathetic to the refs and the players on those as it’s very difficult to judge/pull up at full speed.

          I do like that SC is not getting as many dumb 15 yarders. Several in the Arizona game last year killed us by keeping Arizona drives alive. SC had 618 yards of offense but 13 penalties (at least 3 or 4 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalties) for 117 yards. Now we get the false starts and holding, which is a sign of a young team, but will diminish over time.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            SC’s youth has a lot to do with the amount of false starts, etc. Those will diminish with time.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Please. All I heard for an entire year after we beat you guys 13-9 was Rey Maualuga’s “awesome” hit on Pat Cowan. Take a look at that one again, boys, and tell me it wasn’t completely dirty and illegal (totally led with his head). UCLA’s defense finally grows a pair and everyone’s whining that they’re a bunch of thugs. Next thing you know, you guys will start claiming Barr’s hit on Barkley was dirty. Hey, I don’t condone taunting, but crap, I’ll take a defense that actually shows up to play, and gets too aggressive at times, to one that is soft and full of arm tacklers.


        You’re right, punching a guy in the back of the head as he’s being tackled is acceptable behavior. And why is zumwalt taunting so much? Oregon had their way with him. I especially liked the part where his ankles break. Face it, dirty defense with a dirty coach.

        • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

          You do realize that your statement is dripping with irony, right? BushGate, Deflated-ball Gate, Jersey Switch, Lying to team about your AP vote? I love how you guys are all whiny about UCLA’s D now…. and I am not saying Zumwalt’s actions can be excused. A couple of his actions were dirty. But it doesn’t taint the entire team. Ridiculous.

  • B.Miller

    All Injuries

  • Bill

    You forgot “being a bunch of cry baby little girl whiners!” Whine On!

    • The Bat Fooster

      Three Dollar Bill, stop sending me Valentines Day cards. On Valentines Day it was already weird. At Halloween, it is just creepy. Please stop.

  • TroyFan52

    I agree with Trojan Family but number of players is going to sink them this week and also against Fucla and Stanford…….

  • Ted

    How about KIffin?