Oregon State Quarterback Does Not Impress Dion Bailey

Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion leads the nation in passing, passing yards per game and touchdowns passes but none of that impressed USC safety Dion Bailey on Tuesday, who did not even know Mannion’s name.

“What’s the quarterback’s name?” Bailey said. “He’s OK.”

Just in case it was an honest mistake, Bailey said Mannion was “OK” a second time and complimented Oregon State wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

“His receiver’s good. (Mannion) is OK,” Bailey said. “Cooks comes down with it. Their offense just gets the ball to Cooks. (Mannion) finds Cooks.”

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29 thoughts on “Oregon State Quarterback Does Not Impress Dion Bailey

  1. Bailey is one of my favorites, but he’s screwed up far too many times this year (and has been banged up to boot) to be talking smack on one of the highest rated passers in college football this year. From missing tackles, to getting a killer PI flag thrown on him, to making a bone-headed late hit on a ND receiver, Bailey has probably been the disappointment of the year for the defense, so he would probably be better served by shutting his mouth.

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, only three first downs in the second half against the quacks, pathetic!

          • This is classic…SC is 74th in first downs, and 116th in 3rd down conversions! UCLA is 10th. A little more context: UCLA had 15 first downs against Oregon, the #2 team in the nation, while pUSC could only muster 14 against hapless Wazzu–at home! Now that’s pathetic, Frojan Tan.

          • I wonder how much better your Trojans would have done…not much, perhaps zero? 17 consecutive ZERO 3rd. down conversions. Nuff said.

        • LOL. We’ll see how Mr. Hundley does against your D on 11/30. You guys laughed about him last year, too, before he ripped pUSC a new one in the RB.

          • November 30th….. I will be there…. I wonder how many trolls on this blog will venture into the hood to support their team?……..if so, meet me at the Bo’s Cigar tent on the peristyle end of the Coliseum and I’ll buy you a stogie…….

    • Do you say boom when you crap your pants after sad troll posts? Did you make a boom boom?

      • The old Boom Boom Room…. Bucket knows all about THAT place…..and Wolfie, too, for that matter……

    • If I remember correctly the WSU QB didn’t do anything against SC.. not sure what your point is?

      • Azz-hole never really has a point….he just likes to toss around our losses from the Kiffin era like fuel on a fire, or so he likes to think….

        • classic that you’re already calling it the Kiffen Era. In most cases, you live in the past, but in this instance, you’re ready to distance yourself. LOL. Reality sucks for trojies, no?

          • We just can’t win with you, AZZ-wipe, can we?…..you seemingly have all angles covered, no matter what position we take….were you the president of your high school debate team?….I bet you were….BTW… it’s not a matter of distancing ourselves from Kiffin…. it’s a matter of moving on, period, which you are clearly incapable of doing…

  2. Why isn’t Mannion at least in the top 5 for NFL QB draft prospects? Shouldn’t he be above and beyond that kid from FUCLA? He was in the latest list of Top 5 NFL QB’s in the upcoming draft

  3. Well we’ll all know how accurate that wisecrack was about 54 hours hence. (Friday 1st Nov. 10:00 pm PDT)

  4. That’s as stupid as Shaq Evans popping off about how UCLA is going to beat SC… Hey, they’re just kids…

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