Happy Halloween

McKayla-LaneHere’s a couple costume suggestions for tonight if you are still undecided.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    So which one of your interns PhotoShopped this for you?

  • marvgoux1


  • wolfman, this is post is…sublime!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket put his penis costume on and tried. to go trick or treating, but his Depend let him down. Sound like a “hot mess”

  • rusoviet

    WA St. getting beat by AZ St. 28 – 7 and others wonder why Lane Kiffin wasn’t sacked?

    Oh BTW for all the ‘West=Ho’ (you in LA County get the drift) aka U Clowns Lost Again…get ready sweetcakes – once you attempt to ‘beat’ CO and AZ (good luck on either) then there is your two game gauntlet – 1st the ‘festiven3ess for the restiveness – gay gay gay – Leland Land followed by AZ St…

    BTW it’s only the first half and people want to know “Where is Lane Kiffin?” – come to think of it where is Bob Toledo and Terry ‘The Pirate’ Donahue? At his pavilion at thew Rose Bowl? I’ll bet he is…just a sniffin’ and a lickin’….come on down Terry clown!

    • ProbationU

      Been dipping into the Wodka tonight?

      • rusoviet

        Nostrovija tovarich – da! Explain to me. in the cups, how it is U Clowns Lost Again named a ‘pavilion’ to Terry “The Pirate”? This back end never won anything but a Rose Bowl – I knew a guy who played for him in the late 70’s. He bluntly noted “We would play an incredible 1st half and we’d get in the locker room and Donahue would hit us with “…I don;t know how we’re going to win this game…” Talk about bowling lanes of Ted Tollner – Larry Smith – Paul Hackett = this is the bel-airians idea of a ‘winnah’?

        Best for Donahue was his refusal to take the reins of the SF 49er’s but even more telling no ‘problemo’ being their GM ‘commuting’ between SF and (ready player? I know you are..) …Newport Beach!

        Terry (truly ‘a Pirate’) Donahue – 20 yrs. of ineptitude with some incredible talent (Aikman) and ‘nevah’ – ‘evah’ anything but a Donahue move – Rose Bowl.

        My gosh Toledo did more with his first 3 years then Donahue did in his 20 but hey ‘Terry’ was a ‘playah’ back in 65-66 and afterall he’s a ‘what?’

        • Cheap seats

          I take it you don’t like T. Donahue. šŸ™‚

          What’s the beef other than him being a Bruin? Wasn’t he like .500 against us?

          Then again, that isn’t much a feat considering our teams in the 90s.

          • Stu Azole

            actually, he was 10-9-1. BURN!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Since you asked, Bob Toledo is at San Diego State…..

  • Henry Bibby

    Damn, this is childish.

  • john wolcott

    Gosh, Kiff, ASU laid 55 on Washington State, and your offense could only muster 10 points…at home.

    Good luck finding other employment. And I mean it

    • TrojanFan

      Kiff who?

  • The Capper

    This is almost as good as your “Pull my finger” joke.

  • Stu Azole