18 thoughts on “Pete Carroll (aka Caesar) Gives Advice On Injuries

  1. “Why not Mike Riley? I mean, he did so good with the Chargers (14–34) and winning 50% of your games at Oregon State is overachieiving, when you look at the facts. And he recruited Sean Harlow. Think about it Pat.” – Scott Wolf, while Jon Gruden is the leading candidate for USC.

      • His 1997 Patriots team won the AFC East division title. He also made the playoffs in 1998. He was fired after the 1999 season. In his 3 years with the Patriots, he did pretty well.

  2. Dykes whined about injuries and Carroll changed the subject…no sage advice dispensed. What video were you watching, Scooter?

  3. When you said “gives advice on injuries”, did you mean to say “talks about John Wooden”?

      • So when you travel, you still obsess over USC?
        Also, thanks for thinking of me!

        • thanks to technology, i can crotch kick the trOXans from anywhere, anytime!!! and really, does a hammer ever get tired of pounding on nails? it is simply in the hammer’s nature to enjoy it!!

          the Cadre is aware (thanks to your dozens of comments on the subject) that you get rattled and confused over any comments made outside 7am thru 7pm PST.

          simply trying to mitigate any further anxiety on your part…..just the Classy Cadre being classy!!!

          • No rattling or confusion here, just pointing out the level of obsession.

            “If you try and use logic against trolls, you’re gonna have a bad time”
            – Charlie Bucket

  4. Im not sure what this video clip had to do with injuries?

    PC was taking about how fast he won a NC Title.. did it in Less than 16 years..

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