Best Band In The Land?

Photo courtesy Ohio State

Photo courtesy Ohio State

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article today on the Ohio State band, which has a budget of $1 million and is perhaps the most innovative band in the country. Its last two performances received 20 million views online. It’s also relevant as you are subjected to the Countermarch at the USC-Stanford game later this month.

Full story here

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  • TrojanFan

    Banging on the band now, you’re too much!
    You leave no stone unturned

  • steveg

    Wolf is the worst journalist in history. Sorry man, you totally suck. What a waste. If you keep it up Wolf, only the trolls will be here, nobody else can believe how you stupid you are.

  • Jack B

    Better pick up your game Scottie. Word might be getting out that the Little Gutty trolls are the only people who relate to you. Sad you don’t have more going on as a so-called journalist.

  • rusoviet

    If the band would stop playing the fight song whenever Troy gets a 1st down that would be a start – no one ever willingly sits anywhere near the band a second time or they’re nuts.

    Hey that weird ‘boom boom’ and then the brass blows it out and the drums come back in again as the brass builds to a crescendo – it ends with a short ‘Fight On’ song. That thing always reminds me some West Hollywood mondo-bondo fruitopian slave march – yes sailors – place ‘your’ (hmmm yeah babee) right hand on the ‘fellah’ in front of you and move with the beat of the drum…hmmm yeah.

    At a minimum get rid of the 1st down fight song stupidity

    As to OH St. – FBS version of the Boston Red Sox – worst fan base in the world.

  • Independent_George

    Wold has a point. The band has an old, stale routine due to Bartner, who should have retired years ago, but hangs on until grim death.

    Being in the band should be fun. it hasn’t been that fun for years.

    • Joe Blow

      Who’s WOLD?

  • Golden Trojan

    What makes college football is the bands, the cheerleaders, the student sections, and the emotion. The piped in music is tacky, the hell’s bells on 3rd down can go. The bands and their fight songs are huge in college football. How a band allocates its budget is an interesting point. Complex field shows are time consuming for students and some cost to produce. I would much rather have money spent on some contingent of the SC band going to events as long as that doesn’t take too much time on the students. If SC needs to make some changes to make it more fun for the students, let the students and faculty work it out. The SC selections are classic and drive other schools nuts. Finally, the Stanford thing is not even a band, it is tasteless, humorless and should be an embarrassment to their alumni.

  • john wolcott

    I saw the Ohio St band in the game that Barkley won as a freshman. I was not overwhelmed except for the dotting of the “i” . And I have always liked SC’ s band, staying thru halftime and after the game to enjoy what I call “the concert” that backs up the football game

    But as Ruskie pointed out, that playing of a Trojan song, I think it’s ‘Spirit of Troy,” after every good play is annoying, and on the road with a hostile crowd, embarrassing. But they never stop playing it.

  • Great post wolfman!!! Even the trOXans agree they are tired of the Band living off the notariety of playing on Fleetwood Mac’s worst recording ever!!! Talk about Yesterday U!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Go back to bed! Extra sleep helps with the Dementia

  • B.Miller

    Why because its Ohio St. and they make cute little designs..
    Black colleges have been innovating College Bands for years..