• TrojanFan

    Do you really need a poll to check the pulse of the Trojan fanbase?

    • Joe Blow

      Totally agree. Not sure he’s the answer, but he is an important piece of the Trojan Family.

      • realtrojan

        How about if we give him the lifetime contract?

    • B.Miller

      I would like to see the Pendergast defense back as well..

  • TrojanFan

    “Should Mike Riley be considered for head coach after USC defeated Oregon State?”

    That’s a question more consistent with your blogging

    • WEB_Dupree

      “Mike Riley — good prospect for USC head coach, or GREAT prospect for USC head coach?”


    If they had beaten Notre Dame the way they did OSU then I would probably say yes. But there’s no reason to rush to conclusions. OSU was a great win and I think Orgeron has done a great job, but there’s still a lot of football left to be played. Ask this question after the USC vs fucla game.

    • HeySucs

      “Beaten,” writes a SUC Ebonics major.


        My bad. I didn’t realize I was writing a paper. While we’re at it, you misspelled “sucks”.

        • TrojanFamily

          No you are right. It is “had beaten”…that’s the past participle of beat. He’s wrong. You wrote it in passive voice so the past participle is correct.

          Oh and it’s “an SUC,” not “a SUC.” You say someone is “an SEC player” not “a SEC player” since S begins with a vowel…”es.”

          I won’t even mention how calling someone an Ebonics major requires a white sheet and hood.

        • B.Miller


  • steveg

    Does that mean they should hire Orgeron? No. It means they should consider him, which is what I read they are doing on other sites. According to Orgeron, he wants to stay at USC whether he is head coach or as an assistant to the new HC.

  • TrojanFamily

    Considered? Yes. If he is hired it means the dream candidates said no. He sure as heck beats two of Wolf’s favorites, Mike Riley and James Franklin. In fact, behind Gruden, he’s my #2 choice right now.

  • gillyking

    Damn, were so f’n hard up for a little success after the CLK disaster that everyone is actually jumping the gun to rush to Ed Orgeron? Like really? Way too early for that decision! Let see what he does the rest of the way first.

  • peter

    Coach O is a true Trojan ,one that truly is a great teacher and mentor for the USC student athlete. To believe at this point he is the answer to the next great USC head coach is premature. Whether he is the next HC or not he should be offered and honored with a guaranteed place on the staff.He is the perfect conduent for any transition….. The possibly of he and Gruden together is
    fantastic !!!

  • Dr. Paul

    Ask yourself what you are looking for in a coach. There are no such things as “Sure Things”. Ed is a “Known” in the most important aspect of coaching: He brings out the best in every individual and from what I can see, every team member loves and respects him. LK was touted as better than “sliced bread”. We don’t need another “Pig and a Poke”. Forget ND. This team is now a team, fundamentals will get better every week. In 50 plus years, I have learned that SC is not going to win every game, there are always going to be bad calls, stupid penalties and yes, better opponents.

    • BEATND

      I agree with you 100%. Jeez, how did you hit those valid points so succinctly? I have been following the team for 50 plus years also.

    • BEATND

      RE: Forget ND.
      I was there, it was cold, raining, and field goals going wide right. I CAN’T

  • EncinitasBruin

    All I can say is that many UCLA fans don’t want Orgeron to be the coach of the USC Trojans. His resume doesn’t compare to a Gruden or Sumlin… However: The players would follow him into the valley of the shadow of death; he inspires great play; he makes the game fun and entertaining; and he seems to know how to recruit. But it’s SC, where the expectation is the same as UCLA basketball, so I don’t believe the alumni will allow anyone with less than a fat, shiny resume to take the reins. Ironic, considering Carroll was a fair-to-middlin’ NFL coach when he took the reins. Would Carroll, in his first year, been able to take the current depleted roster and fashion a dominant win against OSU, shutting down the nation’s #1 QB in passing yardage?