Jack Del Rio Likely To Become Denver Broncos Interim Coach

Denver Broncos coach John Fox will be sidelined for several weeks to undergo aortic valve replacement surgery and Jack Del Rio is expected to replace him. So how does that affect his USC chances? If the Broncos keep winning, will it make Del Rio a candidate for other NFL jobs?

If Del Rio does get the USC job, it won’t be based on the Broncos’ defensive stats so far this season:

Record Rank
Total Yards 380.6 24
Passing Yards 299.1 30
Rushing Yards 81.5 3
Points Allowed 27.2 26
Field Goal % 93.3 23
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  • steveg

    One word Wolf, GRUDEN.

    • Arturo

      Only if he keeps CEO, Martin, and Pendergast.

      • steveg

        You have no guarantee no matter who is selected as HC, Including Orgeron. So you select the HC and go from there. Orgeron will be back either way, no brainer.

        • marvgoux1

          If he is snubbed for head coach why would he accept crumbs from Gruden? Gruden will want his own people. This is a huge career moment for Ed, either head coach at USC or a head coach replacement for another college.

    • marvgoux1

      Three letters why not: WCO

  • rusoviet

    Yahoo Sports is claiming via CBS Reporter Jason LaCanfora Lovee Smith has been interviewed and lists that Zarkisian is on the radar as well as Gruden 6:46 am PST

    • steveg

      Yahoo has to report something. Kind of like wolf, they have to print something even though it is wrong.

      • TrojanFamily

        Lovie is believable. Orgeron though is so much better of a choice than Sark.

  • Golden Trojan

    Would like to see Big Ed run out the season before Haden makes a decision. Coach still has upside. Del Rio has eyes on the super bowl, forget him Wolf. Gruden has star power and can teach, even I learn something every Monday night. But he’s making $10mill isn’t he? He’d have to want to go to college bad.

    • rusoviet

      It would be foolish to disrupt the upswing of the team – there will be no decision until after the UCLA game is concluded.

    • marvgoux1

      Del Rio won’t be available until after LOI day. Next candidate.

  • B.Miller

    Is this a fact or an opinion regarding Del Rio becoming the Interm HC?
    If Del Rio was to become USC HC, I would like to see USC Keep the DC and Pendergast defense it has now, and Ed O Of course!