USC-Oregon State Report Card

Here’s my grades for the Trojans’ victory over Oregon State.


Cody Kessler’s completion numbers (17-21) look a lot better on paper than it did in person. But he made two nice deep throws to start each half.



Pretty good when your fourth-string tailback gains 133 yards and scores 3 TDs.



It’s still been a quiet season for Nelson Agholor even with the 62-yard reception.



Still too many penalties but a lot less than against Notre Dame.



Devon Kennard’s two sacks and J.R. Tavai’s four tackles led solid night.



Hayes Pullard had seven tackles while everyone else fairly quiet.



Three interceptions and not torched by Sean Mannion as some feared.



Too bad no one noticed Andre Heidari’s kicking motion was off before Week 8.



Too many timeouts burned in first quarter but cannot deny Ed Orgeron’s got Trojans inspired and playing the way fans hoped before the season.


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  • TrojanFamily

    A C+ for WR despite two long plays and only four missed throws? Agholor hasn’t been nearly as “quiet” since Kiffin was fired. And the only answer for Kessler’s B was because “he didn’t look as good in person as he did on paper?” Really? Care to detail what you saw but the rest of us didn’t on TV? 17 of 21, regardless of opponent, is pretty good. It seemed like his only misses (save for the pick 6, which is what keeps him from an A for me), were because of good coverage. And he learned not to force anything after a pick 6, so it’s an A- from me.

  • Golden Trojan

    Lee is the spark for the offense and WRs get a C+? Was the interception on Kessler or WR, TV guys said it was wrong route by WR? Kessler A-, WRs B-. True, O line still needs work primarily Walker. The D holds another strong offense to 7 and they get a B, A- at worst Wolf. McQuay’s personal foul and Walker’s penalties might have killed it, but they over came, put it all together, Great job Trojans!

  • TrojanFan

    Wolfman has perception issues..haha!!!

  • Helen

    If this was the exact same game, but Kiffin still coaching, the grades would have been much lower. Unbiased my a$$.

  • Helen

    Has anyone noticed how bad the punting has been this year? Everything has been a short, low line drive. What happened to the days when punters were measured by distance and hang time?


      USC needs another Tom “the bomb” Malone type punter.

    • Larry Harris

      Concur about the punting. What burns me about special teams is our protection, or lack of it, by our punt return team…Poor Agholor has been thrown to the wolves (no pun intended). A grade of ‘B’? Those are some cardinal tinted glasses!

  • The Capper

    I do not claim to be an English professor and my grammar is probably not the best. But Scott, as a journalist your English should be better. “Here’s my grades…” Is the same as saying “Here is my grades…” What school did you get your degree from? No, I’m serious. Where did you get your Journalism degree? Your bio isn’t on the Daily News website where it is supposed to be.

  • B.Miller

    No mention of Lame Kiffin??????? or comparisons to Lame Kiffin???????