Jack Del Rio Question

Will his stint as Denver Broncos’ interim coach make it more difficult to leave for another job? Or does this actually raise his stock in the eyes of USC administrators?
Either way I do not consider him a sound choice at a school like USC where juggling scholarships and following compliance officials’ rules will be just as important as X’s and O’s for the next coach. Del Rio has zero experience with that type of stuff.

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  • WEB_Dupree

    Wolf, what type of stuff do you think is the most important type of stuff?

    • TrojanFamily

      Wolf favors a current mediocre college coach since they’ve dealt with scholarships and recruiting rather than a successful NFL coach (del Rio is not one–the only people who want him as USZc coach are his relatives).

      Of course USC hired a mediocre college coach last time. Freud defined madness as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  • Golden Trojan

    Del Rio will be available after the Super Bowl. Does SC want to wait? Does Del Rio want to coach college? No and Doubt It!
    When is the Mike Riley story coming Wolf?

  • steveg

    So it sounds like you’ve talked yourself out of the Del Rio hire so now lets just concentrate on Gruden.

  • rusoviet

    If Troy hires DelRio it’s back to the John Robinson Part I era – screw academics let’s ‘get it on’…in fairness JR II learned his lesson – DelRio got his ‘BA’ from KS a full 5 years after he should have from Troy – this would be a colossal disaster to hire him – Jack belongs at Denver where there is little accountability aside from victories (that and making sure dawg skanks like that pig whore ‘Richie [in the skankhole] Incognito’ aren’t lookin’ for some Obamska payout…).

    NOT Del Rio – not now not evah! (Sorry had to go ‘JFK’ then again it’s better than doing the ‘vin-dawg chevrolet skully’ bang shang a lang…Oh Vin-dawg – canst I be thee suck a$$? Canst I clean your commode this eve? It would be an honor to be thy slave…vin-dawg….sniffin’….name a city-county-state…(psst…vin-dawg has to have that proposed then…vin-dawg can ‘feign’ indifference …vin-dawg….sniffin…oh to be the honor guard at the Rose Bowl Parade for the vin-dawg…”Ha cha cha cha cha cha…it’s vinnie time you clowns!……

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      Good … you think Bama cares if those morons that play there get their degrees ????? JDR would rule the Pac and beyond. Haden quit with the softie college losers … HIRE JDR !!!

  • john wolcott

    I had a Utah friend who left me a message saying SC would be foolish not to hire Coach O.

    He said he reminded him of Knute Rockne with his kind of rough on the edge manner, but was obviously a true gentlemen (he is from the South during a time when most men were true gentlemen)

    So Haden, are you listening? Besides, a poll on this blog after the Oregon State game indicated over 70% favored Coach O being given a strong candidate.

    Personally, I hope it works out for him because he is a Trojan through and through

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      of course your friend in UTAH wants SC to hire Coach O. The whole Pac is hoping for the same. They don’t want anyone that is truly good at USC.

    • Fred Sampson

      I totally agree , Ed Orgeron is everything a successful Coach should be, He is a Big Time Recruiter and motivator, and can delegate the other things to the coordinators. Your average Fan has no idea what a Head Football Coach’s duty’s are, whatever Coach USC hires I promise you he will have the same quality’s as Coach Orgeron if he is to be successful .

  • realtrojan

    Jon Gruden For 2014!!!

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Hey Wolfie , how about Jethro um a James Franklin … now that would be a great hire. He can even JUGGLE scholarships with his eyes closed and on one leg or whatever you mean. You are afraid Jack Del Rio will become Carroll/Chow all over again. Plus JDR would tear your head off.

    • B.Miller


  • gillyking

    JDR.. crappy record as an NFL HC… He’d be a disaster stepping into the NCAA systems.
    Just because he played well here, does not mean that he’d successfully coach the program. He’s an NFL lifer.. I say PASS on JDR

  • Fred Sampson

    And so did Pete Carroll have zero experience, USC has too many People in place to handle all of the non football related issues. So the next Coach can just Coach and recruit along with smoothing over the media.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      I could have sworn that USC had a compliance department……

  • bazinga

    This is definitely the blog to come to if you want questions. If you want answers, not so much…

  • B.Miller

    Thats why as a HC you surround yourself with guys (assistants) that know college..
    Keep coach O, as your Recruiting Coordinator, keep Pendergast, and his defense, bring in a ridiculous brilliant OC who will dumb down the offense for the OL and QB, like Pendergast did for the Defense.. and let those guys go out and play fast and hard.

  • 1570

    For the record, JDR’s record in the NFL was pretty good in a league that strives for parity. Pete Carroll inherited a Super Bowl team from Bill Parcells in New England and he basically had a .500 record. Nick Saban, Jim Mora Jr. and Steve Spurrier all had worse records in the NFL and this was JDR’s first head coaching job. A .500 record with no franchise QB or many pro bowlers… not to mention in the same division as Payton Manning. With the team that JDR had to work with in Jacksonville I think he’s proven himself to be a pretty good coach. I’m not saying he’s the right man for the job, but let’s stop saying that JDR is a bad coach.