Larry Scott On Increase In Night Games

Here’s a Seattle Times story worth reading that says Washington State’s president chairs a CEO group of Pac-12 presidents and finds this year’s increase in night games “increasingly becoming a hardship for virtually every institution in the Pac-12.”

Larry Scott pushes back by blaming Fox Sports and saying it was his job to gain more exposure. “People are talking about the Pac-12 and SEC in the same breath. I know when I arrived here four years ago, I wouldn’t have heard that out of anyone’s mouth,” Scott said.

That statement is wrong on both counts. Even if it were true what would he have to do with it? He didn’t hire Jim Harbaugh or David Shaw at Stanford. Is he responsible for USC’s decline since he was hired too?

UPDATED: The Pac-12 CEO Group announced today that it has extended Scott’s contract through the academic year of 2017-2018 and also named him executive chairman of Pac-12 Enterprises.

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  • Henry Bibby

    Where does Lane Kiffin fit into all of these interesting thoughts?

  • Brad Hutchings

    Does Larry Scott not understand the concept of time zones? Nobody east of Banning sees any of our conference’s night games. For at least the California teams, the night games ruin all that is good about the fall here.

    • marvgoux1

      Brad is 100% correct.

  • Helen

    Scottie: as long as football rankings and championships are based off biased voting, PR will have a lot to do with the results. PR also has a lot to do with what school attracts the best recruits. PR of the Pac-12 has increased under Larry Scott’s watch so we must give him some credit for that. Without exposure, nobody outside the west coast knows what great football programs Oregon and Stanford are.


      I have to disagree. Oregon and Stanford got publicity the way that you should, you go out and play real opponents from other major conferences. That’s what USC has always done, same with fucla. While Larry is an upgrade over the previous, by no means do I, as a Trojan, feel the need to praise him. While teams like Ohio St. had the backing of their conference commissioner while dealing with the ncaa, larry was nowhere to be found when the ncaa was coming down on USC. His only concern was expanding the conference, no matter who we got. Sure, he got a good TV deal (LOL), anyobdy in this day and age could get the money and TV deal that he got.

      • Helen

        Yes Stanford and Oregon played challenging opponents out of conference, but if the games were not on TV then they don’t get the national exposure. Larry Scott got the deal done while his predecessor did not. I’m not praising him, but I’m also not blaming him as Scottie did.

        • marvgoux1

          Larry Scott blew the expansion of the Pac into two 8 team divisons. Instead we have Utah and Colorado, which have only ruined the schedule while adding nothing to the exposure or prestige of the conference. Way to go Larry!

    • marvgoux1

      How does anyone outside the West coast know what great programs the Pac 12 has when Oregon at Stanford, the best game of the season, is placed at 9PM EST on a Thursday night? All those East Coast voters will be asleep before the 2nd quarter. Way to go Larry!

  • tostevinUSC

    “People are talking about the Pac-12 and SEC in the same breath. I know
    when I arrived here four years ago, I wouldn’t have heard that out of
    anyone’s mouth,” Scott said.

    Sure you did when the SEC made it to the BCS people asked about the PAC12 being left out. (this is a modified version of a post put up earlier but it seems to have been moderated out)

  • Golden Trojan

    SC won both the Thur. and Fri. games so what do I care. As long as teams get a bye the weekend before a Thursday game why not? SC-OSU was the only game on TV Friday, nice exposure. Hopefully potential recruits DVR’d it, they were playing themselves.

  • rusoviet

    Up yours Helen – ‘Larry’ had no risk i,e, Hansen was an idiot and a complete put% – anyone was better than that clown. That being said Wolf is right – who the ‘blank’ is Larry Scott to arrogate to himself that ‘he’ and ‘he alone’ is the reason for the Conference rise?

    Pete Carroll – say what you may about him – is the focal point on and the specific reason why the conference pulled its collective head out of its a$$ – they all the Pac-10/12 teams, got tired of being beat by him. It certainly wasn’t the Rose Bowl – the Big 10 sucks and has for over 40 years – I loath Urban Meyer but he will breath life into that pathetic moribund collection of schools because someone in there will finally get tired of losing to OH St.

    That being said – screw the Thursday night games ‘unless’ they start at ‘5:00 pm’ – that gives the traffic hounds a reason to ‘leave work early’ and better than that engages the east coast to ‘view’ the west coast as they flip in between the equally exhausting NFL game on that night – i.e. the FSN feed is free and aside from NFL addicts who actually gave a rip about last week’s CIN/MIA game regardless of the score?

    ‘Blank’ Scott – he has the gig of a lifetime leaving (what?) tennis? Time to turn it back Larry before your renewal through 2018 i.e. “What Makes Sammy Run?’ Hey Larry someone right now is staring at you to either replace you or better yet ‘best you’ elsewhere.

  • B.Miller

    evening games late for the west coast gives exposure to the media and recruits on the East Coast..

  • B.Miller

    evening games late for the west coast gives exposure to the media and recruits on the East Coast..