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USC coach Ed Orgeron credited assistant coach Tommie Robinson for giving tailback Javorius Allen more playing time since Lane Kiffin was fired.
“Give credit to Tommie. He’s one of the best running backs coaches around.” Orgeron said. “We’ve seen some things we haven’t seen before (from Allen). I’ve probably seen him more than anyone because he’s been on the scout team the past two years going against the defense.” Full story here

And maybe the statement of Sunday night was when Orgeron said, “I’ve wanted to coach at USC since I was six-years-old.”

USC must have been big in the Bayou in the late 1960’s.

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  • realtrojan

    See what this extraordinary athlete Buck Allen could do when he’s motivated the right way? This shows exactly what Lane Kiffin was incapable of — motivating the team. It’s quite maddening what we could do with the right HC in there, It certainly has been a couple of wasted years with Kiffin at the helm. No question.

    • TrojanFan

      ” It certainly has been a couple of wasted years with Kiffin at the helm.”

      Exactly, “No question” !

    • Fred Sampson

      EXACTLY !!!

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Orgeron’s Sunday evening quote regarding Tommie Robinson was reported by Johnny Curren of ESPN Los Angeles as : “Give the credit to Tommie Robinson. I let the guys handle their rotations … and Tommie does a great job. Tommie is one of the best running back coaches I’ve been around. What a tremendous job he’s done.” …..Just some additional context which is often lacking on this blog…..

    • steveg

      Obviously the assistant has a little more horsepower now. There may be a plug in there also for future hire for Robinson is he isn’t kept on by new HC. That a nice thing for O to do.

  • Helen

    Why didn’t Orgeron give Buck Allen more playing time since he “probably seen him more than anyone because he’s been on the scout team the past two years going against the defense?”

    • Helen

      P.S. : before we start singing kumbaya, let’s not forget all the injuries to the RBs meant USC had to go deeper in the depth chart. Hats off to Allen for taking advantage of his opportunity.

  • Henry Bibby

    Another fabricated story by Wolfie, but that’s all he has left. Lane is gone, the Trojans are playing well, so Wolfie is left in the dark. All the negativity that he spews has to continue to flow, so fabricated stories about Lane Kiffin not playing Buck Allen (over Tre Madden, the only solid player in the first 5 weeks under Kiffin), is the new norm here. I can’t believe that the announcers have a better perspective for USC fans than the team’s beat writer. The Rose Bowl is still an outside chance and you are talking about Lane Kiffin. Truly pathetic Scott, but keep doing you.

    • Helen

      I would add Justin Davis also played very well under Kiffin.

    • Helen

      Let’s not forget who recruited Buck Allen out of Florida. He was relatively unknown and I seem to remember he was injured his senior year.

      • Henry Bibby

        Good stuff Helen.

    • Saul Goodman

      Yes, Wolfie is a cynical little man. But I think this post is more a compliment to Ogeron and his willingness to take input from his staff, than a swipe at LK

      • Henry Bibby

        You need to read the article and then read Trojan Hoarse’s comments. Lane Kiffin wasn’t even mentioned, but Wolfie had to stick to his low level agenda.

  • Henry Bibby

    NEWS: CBS has reported that USC has contacted Lovie Smith for the head coaching position.

    • Bill

      He told the same thing to players before bolting for Ole Miss and to all the Tennessee recruits before bolting again! Since it is his dream, he will most likely be at University of South Carolina next year!

  • B.Miller

    I have been saying to move him to WR, with the lowered depth..
    this kid can play and deserves to be on the field..
    Been saying it all year!!!!