Answer Tuesday!

Time to answer some reader questions. The coaching search obiviously is topic No. 1.

Q: Helen
Clearly you’ve lost control of the site, with 90 percent of the comments being personal attacks on other posters and having nothing to do with football, much less USC football. Are you okay with this or do you have some plan to bring this site back to normalcy?

A: I do not read the comments section so I’m not sure what’s happening in them. But you can email any complaints to

Q: Walt Hazzard Helen
Who do you think will be the next H.C.

A: Coaching searches often end up with someone far off the preferred list. Look at Andy Enfield, who was not on USC’s radar until about two weeks before he got hired. That’s why I don’t count someone out like Colts assistant Pep Hamilton.
I think Pat Haden would like someone like Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin. My fear is he settles for Jack Del Rio, who I do not think has the temperment to be USC’s coach.

Q: gotroy22
Who in your opinion should SC hire as the next head football coach?

A: A proven successful college coach: Sumlin, Boise State coach Chris Petersen, Oregon State coach Mike Riley, TCU coach Gary Patterson. As Mike Garrett told me more than 15 years ago, USC is not a place for on-the-job training. Aim high and hire the best. That’s my motto if I was the A.D.
No Lovie Smith, no Jack Del Rio, no NFL guys. And I will point out again Pete Carroll had college experience. Del Rio does not.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Walt Hazzard?….. Helen?……Walt Hazzard Helen????.. is there something you want to tell us?…..

    • Helen

      If Bill de Blasio can do it, so can we!

  • Trojan Hoarse

    You can be sure that Jack Wang faithfully reads the comments on his UCLA blog every day…….

  • Henry Bibby

    Mike Riley, a proven successful college coach? On what planet? Why would anyone ask you anything ever again?

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      Wolf loves Riley , always has. Mike is a good guy but more interested in retiring than winning Rose Bowls

    • The Capper

      Amen Bibby. But I guess we’re just talking to ourselves since Scott doesn’t read the comments.

      • TrojanFamily

        He does read them. He just doesn’t want to acknowledge it so he doesn’t have to answer He’s all about the lack of accountability for his subpar reporting.

        But when we point out a rather egregious mistake (like when he was trolling USC basketball last year for not making a post-season tournament to which they were not eligible) he will edit his page.

        • TrojanFan

          Wolfman = Bucket….could it be?

  • Henry Bibby

    I sent this question to Scotty:

    “If Lane was the problem with the fan base, why has
    attendance not gone up in support of the firing? I remember Petros telling listeners that, if USC fans want Lane Kiffin fired, they should not show up to the Coliseum. Since Lane has been fired, attendance has been the same. It seems to me, that after USC lost the game against Washington State, 15,000 bandwagon fans jumped off and have stayed off. Only consistent winning, and a chance for a Rose Bowl berth, will bring 90,000 fans every Saturday. Coaches don’t increase or decrease attendance. Your thoughts?”

    • Trojan Hoarse

      You answered your own question, my friend…… consider the source……Petros is a shock jock wanna be…….he and Wolf are a match made in heaven…..or at least at the docks of San Pedro… SoCal, consistent winning would be the only thing that puts 90,000 fans in the stands…..

      • TrojanFan

        Winning cures everything!

    • TrojanFamily

      The fan base left before WSU–last season’s preseason #1 to 7-6 is what caused the bangwagoners to jump off. LA fans are notoriously front-runners. Once it became clear that USC was going to have to rebuild the program, the fair weather fans were going to leave. The only thing that will bring them back is a trip to Pasadena, so I presume attendance will be soft for the next few years until the new coach can bring the team back to the level where it was.

      • marvgoux1

        So Lane’s damage to the SC brand has resulted in the exodus of fans?

        • TrojanFan


    • tostevinUSC

      There is a silver lining here the smaller crowd makes it nicer in the seats. At least at my end of the world. I never leave the coliseum until the band is done playing even if we lose. As for questions I doubt he will answer them as promised.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Are you kidding Sumlin LOL … Patterson , ya he is tearing it up.
    JDR is the man , he would right this sinking ship and lead SC to places Pete was heading until he went stupid with SarKiffin.

  • TrojanFamily

    Kevin Sumlin, Chris Petersen, Gary Patterson, Mike Riley….which one of these is not like the other? Sumlin hasn’t been to a BCS bowl but at least has the team poised to make one this year and made the Cotton Bowl (which is probably the best bowl not in the BCS). Patterson and Peterson both went to BCS bowls. The highest profile bowl game Riley’s been to? That would be last year’s Alamo Bowl. He is better than Kiffin–he did win 2 Sun Bowls, including that epic 3-0 win in 2008!

    I think the idea of not taking an NFL coach because Wolf wonders if they can make it college is idiotic. The new HC could have college recruiting guys like Orgeron to handle the day to day grind of recruiting (and the HC could just be the closer–as they always do). A guy like Gruden would wear his Super Bowl ring and all his experience mentoring young players the last few years and close that deal. And the game of football is the same game regardless of level. Great pro coaches are just great coaches–I can’t think of a successful pro coach who didn’t make it when he tried college (now college coaches not making it in the pros is common–which shows how much higher of a level the pro game is). So if USC can get Gruden but chooses Riley, Haden should be punished by being forced to write for the Daily News.

  • James

    Sure Wolf doesn’t read the comments that’s why he disables them on his pregame videos. Not that it isn’t painfully obvious he’s a creeper when it comes to his co-hosts.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Could you imagine Scottie on one of those lame ESPN sports reporter shows, like Around the Horn?…. they would chew him up and spit him out……

      • TrojanFamily

        I actually like ESPN’s Happy Hour (PTI is better–I usually podcast it rather than record it). But Wolf wouldn’t last a minute on it.
        I would love to see Wolf take on Kenny Powers on the “Sesh.” He’d be crying by the end.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          I enjoy PTI, but I have not yet checked out Happy Hour on ESPN…..It’s amusing to see Bill Plaschke and J.A. Adande match their wits with writers from other parts of the country on Around the Horn……You are right about Wolfie not lasting a minute on Sports Sesh……he would be crying for his mommy before the first commercial…

        • WEB_Dupree

          I’d like to see Wolf on there rocking one of those garish chalk-stripe suits that former players often wear when they turn commentator.

          I’m behind on my “East Bound and Down” episodes, so I just got to the Sports Sesh humiliation/redemption episode last week — funniest episode in quite a while, I thought.

  • Arturo

    Maybe Wolf should listen/read the comments: It would be like him telling Coach Kiffen to listen to his players or at least get a better feel for what they are thinking.

  • 1570

    Why would USC would hire someone who’s never been a head coach before in Pep Hamilton or Greg Roman. As we saw with Kiffen and Hackett, some people are not head coach material and it’s hard to know until they take over that responsibility.

  • john wolcott

    Scott, you treat all the negative posters on your blog as if they were a fly on your rhinocerous skin. How do you do it because some of the posters can get down and out nasty about you?

  • TrojanPed

    You gotta love a blog where the writer neither reads the comments nor cares too. What a joke. How does this clown have a job?