Ed Orgeron Is Happy

USC players are always talking about how happy they are lately and Ed Orgeron added to the chorus today.

“It’s been a treat to come to work every day,” he said.

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  • john wolcott

    That’s called heaven on earth, when you love your job. I am a 4:30 a.m. guy, and get in at least 3 hours of quiet time before the staff arrives. That is heaven for me

    • Joe Blow

      It takes that long to clean the restrooms?

      • rusoviet

        Huh, you talking from experience or where you got your last meal?

        • Joe Blow

          No. But I’m sure you’ve eaten a lot of turds.

        • EncinitasBruin

          It’s no use… Blow/toiletThai/Hamilton seems to hate everything and everyone. (It’s quite sad, if you think about it.)

          • Joe Blow

            Just you

  • EncinitasBruin

    If you like your job, it’s so much easier to get others excited too. Good for you, sir.

    • rusoviet

      So true so very very true – you can see Ed’s emotion in everything he says – just hope he takes care of his ‘ticker’ and pulls it back a bit.

      He doesn’t want to go anywhere else no more than Jim Mora does – you can’t beat LA – best weather in the USA!

  • rusoviet

    Looks like Lou Saban is getting ants in his pants – just out within the last hour – AP Sports – he’s lookin’ @ TX. We’re blessed to have Ed – he so loves this time of blessing in his life


    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The agent for coach Nick Saban told Texas officials
    in January that Texas was the only school he would consider leaving
    Alabama for, and his success with the Crimson Tide had put him under
    ”special pressure,” The Associated Press has learned.

    The agent, Jimmy Sexton, made the comments during a 45-minute call
    with former Texas Regent Tom Hicks and current Regent Wallace Hall.
    Hicks detailed the call in a Sept. 24 email that was obtained Tuesday by
    the AP through an open-records request.

    ”Sexton confirmed that UT is the
    only job Nick would possibly consider leaving Alabama for, and that his
    success there created special pressure for him,” Hicks wrote.

    The pressure was not further explained in the email and Sexton declined comment Tuesday. Saban was not available after practice.

    • hey Ta@@ette, you must be old school: calling Nick Saban “Lou”!!! i used to do the same thing!!

      “you’re GONNA get it done, what’s more, you’ve GOTTA get it done!!!!”

  • john wolcott

    Good one, Joe Blow

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Ice cream , cheeseburgers some cupcakes wins make Special Ed happy … hope he enjoys his short lived HC gig. BTW, we do remember the Notre Dame debacle …can a USC team not coached by Goat Kiffn look so bad.

  • Helen

    We may think Orgeron is a bit clumsy when it comes to the media, but his comments are PR genius. Always saying how much fun the team is having and how the locker room and sidelines are much better – of course these are all indirect compliments on the job Orgeron is doing as head coach. I think Orgeron has a done a fantastic job as interim coach, but I fear we would be short-changing the program by hiring him permanently for the position.

    • Kitten claws Agin’ Cajun in the back….

      (at least i didn’t you crotch kicked him)

      • Helen

        Actually I was trying to compliment Orgeron. I think you mistook my pat on the back with the claws “in”

        • Helen, you KNOW i love you like a sister, but your “compliment” was rather condescending!!

          i do agree with you point, though, the Agin’ Cajun is no Front Man, he more fits the goofy assistant stereotype, basically he’s Luther Van Dam from the Coach TV show.

  • B.Miller