• john wolcott

    I like that comment, “Without the offensive line I wouldn’t be talkin to y’all.”– Hip hip hooray

  • Wolfman, don’t you mean NOTORIOUS Javorious???

    Change the moniker from Buck to Notorious Jaborious, and start building the Heisman trophy case…but because the CADRE came up with it, Southern Cal will not acquiesce!!! Sooo unfair.

    • Arturo

      I dare you to say that to Buck’s face.

      • i’ll say it to his face and yours.

        NOTORIOUS Javorious!!

        • Helen

          Oh behave.

    • WEB_Dupree


      • okay, Arturo II

        i can hear Burnt Hambuger saying in on the air now: “there goes NOTORIOUS Javoirous for twenty yards!!!”

        but i know, the CADRE came up with it, so you trOXans won’t use it!! i still can’t believe you don’t use Pious Passer or Agin’ Cajun!!! who you gonna get pearls like this from, Lawyer John???

        • WEB_Dupree

          Actually, “Notorious Javorious” is not bad, but he’s not yet famous enough for that moniker.

          The problem with “Pious Passer” is that so many of these guys are big into Jesus. How could Barkley be a more pious passer than the Most High Reverend Tebow?

          By the way, speaking of using things, the Cadre owes me royalties for “troxans”.

          • oh, you actually came up with trOXans under a different handle? Bruin Bob?

            so maybe at long last you can tell us what the helll it means???

            we can’t really afford to pay you right now, but i am sending you 3 free passes to Preferred Plus night!! that’s a $15 dollar value.

          • WEB_Dupree

            As I’ve said before, it was intended to be nonsensical.

  • B.Miller

    Well deserved 3 star.. He needed to be on the field.. Glad he FINALLY got his shot to do it game time instead of just in practice