Memo To Pac-12: DirecTV Added 139,000 Subscribers


Remember that summer campaign to get fans to drop DirecTV? Well, DirecTV added 139,000 subscribers from July-September. Now it is obvious the Time Warner-CBS dispute aided DirecTV.

But remember the Pac-12 wanted fans to add Time Warner when it did not have CBS in some cities, including Los Angeles. And bigger picture, why would DirecTV care about the Pac-12 Network at this point?

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  • tostevinUSC

    My provider added PAC 12 in September and has three channels to choose from which show the same programing at the same time. I will watch it maybe one more time this season when it keeps USC off of the major networks

  • 22

    PAC 12 greatly overplayed its hand in the Direct TV negotiations and looked silly with its ad campaign. Whoever was behind it is out of touch with the market.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Since Wolf refuses to, or is incapable of doing so, here is some much needed context (in his favor, I might add, got roy22):

    In Q3, Time Warner Cable lost 306,000 subscribers, citing their ongoing fight with CBS……….

  • Bill

    In both cases (Direct TV and Time Warner), the Trojans are still losers!

  • rusoviet

    Part of the problem for TWC is that ad – that’s not the Trojan Army – it’s the Roman Army. Those are ‘pilums’ they’re holding. The pilum was designed to separate upon impact so it couldn’t be thrown back. The ancient Greek Hoplites had much longer and sold wood spears called a ‘doru’ nearly nine feet in length.

    ure wish the university would trim that clown’s ‘feathers’ on that goofy Trojan helmet he wears when he prances out wth the shiny aluminum sword in his hand. Same with that ‘peachy’ looking fat a$$ face on the side of the football helmet – better to go back to solid red or that logo of the helmet alone used in the 80’s.

    No wonder TWC is losing customers – I left TWC two years ago for Direct TV – Ihave never had a problem with Direct TV

  • TrojanFan

    Wrong blog, check with your local provider!