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Ed Orgeron believes the Trojans could one day incorporate the spread offense while also noting Alabama runs a pro-style offense like USC.

Lane Kiffin used to say the pro-style offense allowed the Trojans to recruit athletes who would never attend a spread-offense school because it did not prepare quarterbacks, offensive linemen, etc., for the NFL. Full story here

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  • john wolcott

    I’ll leave that topic for another day because right now I am jacked over this SC team and the way they are now playing. I won’t call Cal a gimme because they played Arizona tough, but if Troy gets by the Bears then the Stanford game becomes very exciting.

    Anybody else look at the schedule and realize that ASU could lose 2 games, and if SC runs the table the Trojans will play Oregon (probably) for the title.

    One question– in this scenario, and Oregon beats SC and goes to the national title game, who goes to the Rose Bowl? Anybody know?

    • gotroy22

      If there are fewer than 10 automatic qualifiers, then the bowls will select at-large participants to fill the remaining berths. An at-large team is any Football Bowl Subdivision team that is bowl-eligible and meets the following requirements:
      A. Has won at least nine regular-season games, and
      B. Is among the top 14 teams in the final BCS Standings.

      So SC would not go if it doesn’t meet this criteria.

      • TrojanFamily

        USC has to win out. If they beat Stanford, UCLA, and then Oregon in the championship game (they’d need help with ASU losing three, since ASU has the tiebreak), then USC could go to the Rose Bowl. It’s likely they would be in the Top 14 with wins over three ranked teams, especially if Oregon is undefeated going into the championship game. I personally think voters would respond favorably to such wins, and chalk up the two ugly losses (WSU and ASU) to Kiffin.

        It’s extremely unlikely but possible.

        That is also the one scenario where Orgeron gets seriously considered for the HC job. At a minimum he needs to win the final four games. If he does but misses the championship game because ASU makes it (or makes the championship game but loses a tough one to Oregon) then he has a chance to be HC as well.

        And no, I don’t think they win the final four. If they win three, I’ll be thrilled.


      Either USC would need to beat Oregon or have ASU win out and lose to Oregon in the championship, then I think USC would be eligible for the Rose Bowl, assuming USC wins out.

  • Independent_George

    Luke Joeckel was the first OL taken in the 2013 draft. He played at A&M. In the spread.

    RGIII was the second player taken in 2012 draft. He played Baylor. In the spread.

    Kyle Long was a first round draft choice. He played at Oregon.

    Marcus Marriotta will be a first round draft choice. He played at Oregon.

    AJ McCarron, playing in Bama’s

    Matt Barkley was played in Kiffin’s pro-style, get-to-the-NFL faster offense. He was a fourth round pick, and is backing up a QB who just set an NFL record for TD’s in a game. That QB played at Arizona, in an Air Raid spread offense. Barkley currently backs up Foles and may not will not be on the team next year.

    I don’t want to encourage Scott’s Kiffin obsession, but Lane Kiffin’s lack of vision and creativiity truely is outstanding. JUst shows that in the coaching cricles it is your last name that counts.

    • jetman624

      There are so many holes in this statement I literally don’t have enough time to point them all out.

      • Independent_George

        Typical rah-rah statement.

        But hey, let’s hire Coach O! He will lead us to an NC!


  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a brother, but your blog has been in a slump lately.

    you KNOW the Cadre relies on you to set us up for some brutal kicks to the trOXans’ crotch, but lately, we’ve been getting no assists!!!

    the wolfman and the Cadre used to be like Stockton and Malone on the pick and roll, with the Cadre ending each post with an arena shaking jam!!!

    wolfman, now you are just launching 3 pointers all night and the Cadre is sulking!!!

    wolfman, don’t tell me you’re taken in my Cajun-mania!!!

    next year the Agin’ Cajun will be gone….but will the Cadre be here???

    • WEB_Dupree

      Yeah, you’ll be here.

      • i just hope the wolfman does the right thing.

        • Rusty Buckets

          Welcome back! Will we lose again for a few days, weeks after Saturday night?

        • TrojanFan

          I left the 9mm on your porch. I hope you do the right thing, are fingers are crossed!

  • Fred Sampson

    Any offense will be successful if you have the Linemen to control the line of scrimmage , pro-style, spread, wing -T or whatever it may be. Fans get caught up into schemes and fancy names of different offenses when it’s really just the Players. The old football saying is “It’s not the X’s and the O’s, It’s the Jimmy and the Joe’s” .

  • B.Miller

    I am completely ok with it.. Continue to run a Pro Style Offense, and incorporate some spread pass scheme plays they run from Oklahoma..

  • john wolcott

    Hey gotroy22– it is probably too late for you to read this, I could not respond until now, but thank you for the information.