Answer Wednesday!

In this segment, a question about getting recruits to enroll early.

Q: Stu Azole

Mr. Wolf: Much has been made of the handful of rides SC has for EE’s this still. Yet SC isn’t likely to name a coach until the season is over, leaving almost no time for said new coach to come in and recruit EE’s. In your view, who does SC see as legitimate EE candidates and do you think these spots will be filled simply with bodies, or with actual talent?

A: It’s really going to depend on Ed Orgeron more than a new coach to get any early enrollments. I know the coaches are actively looking right now for prospects, including junior-college prospects. My original thought was some of these three-stars that committed recently would be early enrollments but it does not appear to be the case.
You can see now the effect of keeping Lane Kiffin this season. There’s been none of the recruiting buzz that existed a year ago when USC got guys like Max Browne, Su’a Cravens, Kenny Bigelow, Leon McQuay, etc., to enroll early.
No one is going to do that now when they don’t even know who their coach will be next season.

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  • Helen

    Scottie: that almost sounds like a Lane Kiffin compliment!

  • B.Miller

    Lets see..
    Fire Kiffin which has resulted in an inspired team, players enjoy playing, and winning.
    Keeping Kiffin because of early entry recruits, which many recruits were not liking him.
    Which would you take?

    • gotroy22

      Fire Kiffin after 7-6 and locker room fight after Sun Bowl fiasco.
      Which would you take?

      • TrojanFamily

        Absolutely brilliant hindsight!

        Next, you should suggest that Coke not market “New Coke” and Notre Dame not give Charlie Weis a 10 year contract extension.

        • Dr. Paul

          I would have liked it if ND had given “Weis” a 25 year “no cut” contract.

          • TrojanFamily

            seems like they gave him a 25 year no salad contract.

      • B.Miller

        I’m kind of glad Kiffin didn’t get fired or we might not have ever gotten the chance to see how brilliant CEO is..
        He has a chance to win the HC job, which he rightfully deserves..
        So things happen for a reason!

  • rusoviet

    I fail to see how retaining Kiffin was going to entice anyone to ‘EE’ – if anything keeping Kiffin, the losses would have increased and the fingerpointing would be all you scribes would write about. There would be ‘transfers’.

  • steveg

    This is tough, only because I agree with Wolf. Will guys EE if they don’t know who their HC will be? I think not, at least not like last year. There will be some guys EE only because they want to attend and play for USC, but that is always the case anyway. So let’s see what happens, this gets more interesting daily.

  • CheattheSystem

    Didn’t Su’a commit late and bump some kid to Ucla?


    • betomas

      Yup. Kylie Fitts. And the kid is playing pretty well over there so far.