USC Recruiting Thought

Following up on the reader question from earlier today, is USC scrambling to fill its early enrollment scholarships from last year? Usually, schools get junior-college players in December anyways so it’s hardly time to go to panic stations.

But will these players be better than the five who could have been signed last year? We already mentioned Oregon State offensive tackle Sean Harlow. So could Washington wide receiver Damore’ea Stringfellow, who might have come in handy with the depth issues at that position.

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  • TrojanFamily

    You are right, Scott! They should fire the guy who didn’t sign a full class last year!

    • marvgoux1

      So you admit Kiffin should have been fired? That’s a big step forward for a Sunshine Pumper.

  • peter

    SW,you live in a would have been,could have been,if only, alternate universe.what if USC sued the NCAA 3 years ago, what if last years team did finish #1.drop the past and let’s deal with what we have and what we can do. like with a great coach in Dec.who ever that ends being. who might we get as those five? And so forth. give us some aggressive possiblites, and get out of that alternate universe.

  • Tom Oday

    Serious question to someone in the know. USC had 15 schollies to offer for 2013 class? They signed 12? They have three EE and 15 schollies for 2014 class? How did it get to five unused? Thank you in advance.

  • The Capper

    How would you know what a reader asked? Yesterday you said you didn’t read comments.

  • Ted

    can anyone say kylie Fitts?