USC Unveils New Basketball Mascots

More friendly looking than the steroid-Tommy Trojan from a few years ago. And this Traveler looks like a pony.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Smart move……..

  • Troy4Life

    No thank you…having said that, I’m sure phucket, crymex and the other fucla trolls would love to ride that pony.

  • ProbationU

    And you guys pick on our Bear? They look like something out of Shrek. Very cute. On a side note, Traveler is not a good name for a basketball mascot…just saying. Maybe Tommy & Rebounder?

    • rusoviet

      Gotta admit that was a clever post!

      • ProbationU

        I appreciate that Comrade of the loyal opposition. Maybe the horse should actually be Fast Break or Sir Dunk-A-Lot given your new uptempo lob and dunk coach. If it turns out he can’t coach…at least he has a hot wife.

        • rusoviet

          No – peruse my ‘pointed retort'(below) to Joe Blow..i.e Ava Gardner in Mogambo to Grace kelly “Oh baby – right up your alley!”

  • Jus Plaindogg

    Although both look ready to fight on and win, I’m not sure too sure what’s on Tommy Trojan’s mind. Between his broad fake-looking smile and raised eyebrows, I’d say he’s either hiding something or ready to make mischief of some sort. As for Traveler, he appears to be working in concert with Tommy. Aside from that, I think it’s awesome to finally see Traveler at basketball games!

    • rusoviet

      Jus I’m pickin’ up the same vibe…that old ‘fairy’ torch song cept’ this time it’s the ‘farmyard in the straw’ play…(maestro if you would)…”Strangers in the night…what were the chances…lovers at Versailles…exchanging glances….ever since that night…” Well you get the drift i.e. ‘Who is riding who?’

  • 22

    When Richard Sacco was riding Traveler as Tommy Trojan, I was proud that USC had a dignified mascot, unlike the silly-costumed mascots that many other universities used. These mascots are an embarrassment. Why have cartoon figures represent the university?

    • john wolcott

      Ditto ’22’

      Cartoon characters are one thing, but these are ugly caricatures. They could have made them look more real with just a touch of the absurd, instead of 100% absurd.

      Good grief.

  • gillyking


  • looks like a constipated donkey.

    • The Bat Fooster

      Bet it reminds you of your showbiz career in Tijuana.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Didn’t that include a ping-pong ball?……

  • Henry Bibby

    I like it, good for the kids.

  • Joe Blow

    At first I thought it was Haden and McKay.

    • rusoviet

      No it’s actually you and Garrett uhh you’re the equine variety…..

      • Joe Blow

        We’re both rich and winners.

        • rusoviet

          You’re a loser moron – you have no future, girl friend- wife, career, savings – it’s why you post here constantly – Hey here’s an idea lunchbag – why don’t you take your sarcastic back end of a horse and be Mike Garrett’s flunkie over @ OK A&M?

          • Joe Blow

            And you’re an @$$hole in the IE. I’d go to Okl, but then I’d miss doing your wife and daughter daily.

          • rusoviet

            Whoa sailor did I push your ‘button’ or what? Hmmm?

            For you payaso “I need my Mikie Garrett fix…why am I such a loser and act like I am a height challenged version of ‘Rickie’ the hump ‘Ingonito’ – rage on whitebread….my old ‘avatar’ was a freak exposing himself and the latest one is a cow….I have issues I know it but I can’t leave LA for OK” That’s about it right lunchie?

          • Joe Blow

            I’ll let you know as soon as I get my unit out of your wife’s mouth.

  • HeySucs

    M. I. C…..K. E. Y…M. O. U. S. E.- SUC: the Rinky Dink University.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Hey, Wolf…. how about posting a pic of the new basketball shoes that the Men of Troy will be sporting this season?..a video of these shoes can be found on the USC Rips It blog

    • rusoviet

      Why not post a ‘referral’ for us to view after all you ‘know ‘nest pas?

  • TrojanFamily

    At least they beat Petros as the USC mascot.

  • ProbationU

    The basketball monopoly in Los Angeles is over!

  • SaferInWestwood

    #Trojanrevolution LMAO!!

  • TrojanFamily

    Not terribly impressive, but it sure beats Petros as the current mascot. Hopefully they retire him as the PA announcer for games. Every time I hear him talk my brain gets angry!

  • betomas

    Seriously?? Pat Haden could’ve gotten a much better designer. This Disney/cartooney trend at some universities has to go.