Recruiting News*

USC offered a scholarship today to Crenshaw quarterback Ajene Harris as a safety/defensive back. He is committed to San Diego State and ranked two stars by Rivals. Sense a pattern here?

UPDATED: Harris switched his commitment to USC tonight.

Meanwhile USC baseball received a commitment from pitcher James Vaccaro, a sophomore pitcher at Miramonte High School in Orinda, Calif. That’s the same alma mater as former USC coach Paul Hackett.

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  • Golden Trojan

    What’s the pattern Wolf? Better to play for USC as a DB than QB for SDSU?

    • gotroy22

      It appears the pattern is to settle for 2 star San Diego State level recruits.It’s amazing how far the program has fallen since the heady days of Pete’s 5 star recruiting hauls.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Who do you think is responsible for making these decisions?…. Haden?…. Orgeron?…. and why are even offering a scholarship to a 2 star recruit?

      • Evil Robot

        You do realize that SC had the most five star recruits in the nation… LAST YEAR.

        Given the current coaching situation, SC is going to have to take a few fliers on local guys and hopefully close on guys like Mama, Adoree Jackson & JuJu Smith. The upside of this is that most new coaches have a big boost in their 1st full recruiting cycle and SC will be coming off of the sanctions and have a ton of scholarships.

        The main reason he’s a 2 star kid is that he’s not listed as an athlete (which SC is recruiting him as) , but a QB… and he’s 5’11”. He’s not a national name, but he’s a guy that did well at the SC camps and he’s playing out of position in HS.

        • Ted

          5’11”??? I walked by him after a football game this year. He is more like 5’8″ But he is a helluva athlete. He would make a great running back in a spread type offense. He did play some safety and corner when I saw him. I couldn’t judge his skills as a DB because the other team was so bad and he was able to just cover on athleticism alone.

          • Evil Robot

            Well, this was the same service that listed Barkley as 6’3″, so just assume that they are measured in cleats and standing on a book.

      • rusoviet

        Well that’s why Ed is doing exactly what PC first had to do back in 2001 – recruit locally – turn so-called 2-3 stars into great players and then move back out on the national scene.

  • first you trOXans swipe a recruit from the Portland State Vikings, now you pilfer one from the San Diego State Whatevers!!!
    that’s cold!!

    • TrojanFan

      Continuing to freeload off your mom, now “that’s cold”

      It’s Trojans, that Dementia is some nasty stuff

  • steveg

    How many QB’s or DB’s that were rated 5stars actually lived up to it. Seems like these 2 and 3 star kids mature into some great athletes. Not all, but a lot. I don’t have any problem with a 2 star if coach O thinks there is something there. Perhaps he is looking for a running QB for future coach.