In Honor Of Paul Hackett

I made a stop in Orinda, Calif., after the game in honor of former USC coach Paul Hackett, who grew up here. The Bay Area is also where former coaches John Robinson and Pete Carroll also grew up. But only Hackett is from the East Bay.

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  • 22

    Coach Hackett’s detractors should give him credit for being a great quarterback coach for SC and a good man. The improvement of his first SC quarterback, Vince Evans, from 1975 to 1976 was tremendous and his third quarterback, Paul McDonald elevated the standard for USC quarterbacks into the modern era.

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Thanks Gargamel but please spare us from the pictures of your time spent in the Castro District this weekend

  • Joe Blow

    Scott, how was the drive home?

  • Golden Trojan

    Didn’t Hackett coach up Carson Palmer as well? Like you know who, just not Head Coach material.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    College GameDay coming to the Coliseum on Saturday!

  • Helen

    Sounds like Scottie made a wrong turn.