USC Morning Buzz

The spread has not changed since Sunday as USC is still a 17-point favorite over Cal. It’s actually harder to pick with the spread because Ed Orgeron covers and is 3-1 so far. Unlike his predecessor.

Anyways, I don’t anticipate a letdown though it’s always possible in these kinds of games. I’m taking USC, 38-10, which sets up a nice game next week against Stanford. Look, I’m already already thinking past Cal. Danger!

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Scottie, you give new meaning to the term “spread offense”……

  • Cloud Shaman

    the stanford game will be a battle if we can stop their running back

  • john wolcott

    Yes sir, you are always thinking, thinking. Now if you would only stop using the term “anyways” you’d really be on to something.

    But back to topic, I am afraid the Cardinal will do to Troy what it did to the Quacks, run and run through us. Probably will be Stanford by 9 in Vegas.

    • Cloud Shaman

      we have to study those films with teams that had success against Stanford and exploit those

  • Joe Blow

    Scott, QUIT using “anyways”. It’s for hicks.

  • Golden Trojan

    In their 6 conference games Cal has averaged 18 points while giving up 45, and Wolf, we don’t have you know who with his menu freezing our offense.

  • steveg

    You’re thinking? When did this start? I thought all you did was reach into the past. Cal doesn’t score over 6 today.

  • Cloud Shaman

    This is a great opportunity for the Trojans to build up their individual statistics. The new season started with Utah

  • USConqueror1

    Cal is nothing nada zilch. We’ll handle their team like I handle Charlies girlfirend every other night. It wont even be a contest like when they try to see how long I can last. I cant stand Cal! Cal sucks!