Sunday Night With Ed Orgeron

I asked USC coach Ed Orgeron tonight if he considered using Su’a Cravens as a two-way player to follow-up on UCLA’s use of linebacker Myles Jack at tailback.

“He would probably be a great two-way player (but) we have not discussed that,” Orgeron said. “Being a freshman, he has enough on his plate. I just don’t think we can afford to do it.”

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  • 22

    Coach O is absolutely right. Good execution is critical to success and college coaches have limited time to work with their players If I recall correctly, coaches are limited by the NCAA to 20 hours a week with their players. Spending time with Su’a on offense takes away from him preparing for his defensive role against the next opponent. We as fans can talk about how great some one would be at another position, but the coaches need to prioritize their players attention where it is most needed.

  • Go Tama

    Unless Cravens can kick field goals and extra points, leave him be

  • peter

    In All the excitement concerning the teams new found drive and spirit,I forgot that your unconscious questions go beyond your blog. it was just a couple games ago Bailey threw on his pads at half time to go in for an injured Cravens. Our secondary always a weakness needs healthy and fresh players. wasn’t it said yesterday by Lee ,he jokeing felt unemployed? Cravens could have joined the unemployed.


    Are people failing to see USC’s lack of a punter? Wolf, you need to stop worrying about defensive players switching to receiver or RB. It’s fucla’s fault they are in the position they are in with their RB’s anyway. They arent restricted to 75 players yet they are thin at RB. The last thing this USC team that is already shaky in the secondary, is to have Cravens, one of the bright spots, playing both sides of the ball.

    • anno nimus

      Maybe some of your RBs can swtich to the OLine, since your OLine will be pretty much bare next year?

  • steveg

    I cannot believe Wolf would waste the coaches time with a stupid question like that. But then, it’s Wolf. What else could we expect. Ask him about playing Lee at DB instead.

    • Ben Factor

      I think Scott is simply concerned about the injury to Redd, so he’s reaching for solutions.

      I know your suggestion about Lee was meant as a joke. However, if Agholor, Rodgers, Blackwell, and Flournoy are healthy, the notion of Lee playing CB against Stanford is quite interesting. I could see that causing a lot more unexpected problems for Stanford than Lee’s lining up at WR.

      Coach Shaw would be thinking: “We game planned against weakness at CB, and now we have to worry about a guy who has better speed/ball skills than any of our WRs. What if we can’t run effectively against their front seven? We’re screwed.”

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolf, that question makes on sense at all, but coming from you it makes total sense.

    Fight On!

  • B.Miller

    We have depth at RB and WR now.. where would you use him?