Earlier this week I wrote about safety Su’a Cravens’ desire to be a two-way player. And wouldn’t you know UCLA linebacker Myles Jack became a national topic by rushing for 120 yards last night against Arizona.

So why didn’t USC become more creative than UCLA especially with injuries and depth issues? Cravens wants to play tailback but would also fill in at wide receiver. If the Trojans were so shorthanded it couldn’t hurt. Remember we heard the past four seasons how Robert Woods and Marqise Lee could play defensive back but it never materialized.

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  • rusoviet

    I’ll give you another – rein in the school band during the games – constant ramming the Fight On whenever we get a 1st down – it’s awful!

    • ThaiMex

      rustupid…you are not as stupid (drunkenness is your ONLY other excuse) as you sometimes appear. Even Vin DAWG, the gentleman, would agree the Torgan band is often/mostly obnoxious.
      fit UN!

      • rusoviet

        Siempre hombre i.e. ‘Llamo de Vin-perro’ verdad Vincenzo est perro pestado con mucho mucho pulgas….vin-dawg chevrolet! Cachitar con el nopal Ay yie yie!

        • SaferInWestwood

          I bet your wife likes salsa HA!!

  • Jack B

    You answered your own question Scottie. Cravens, who has already been dealing with injury issues, would be more likely to hurt himself again by playing offense. So what if Jack made national headlines. They beat Arizona, that’s all that matters. You really think Cravens playing O will help USC beat Stanford? Based on what? Jack’s performance? Irrelevant, and besides, lightning rarely strikes twice.

  • john wolcott

    1. Probably not a good idea to put a player in a position that he has no much practiced

    2. Yes, the band’s constant playing is a terrible distraction at games, and takes away the fun (for me)

    • anno nimus

      We all remember what happened with George farmer

      • ThaiMex

        Yup…he’s injured, just like Silas (Coach I’m hurt) Redd!
        fit UN!

      • steveg

        What’s a George Farmer? Is he still hurt?

  • john wolcott


  • Helen

    You’re ahead of the competition Scottie.

  • Evil Robot

    Yes, moving Cravens to the 4th WR or the 4-5th RB, and starting at safety is a perfect solution to remedy the defense gassing out. The WR’s are healthy and SC has had 5 different hundred yard rushers, this might be your best idea since Riley as head coach. They don’t need “creativity”, they need pass blockers and corners not named Harris.

  • ProbationU

    i will give you a simple, Bruin perspective. We don’t have the type of depth at RB that SC has. Our running game has not been very good as of late. Jack was recruited by many schools as a RB. Plus, he was used in limited service with 6 carries. It was a great decision by the UCLA coaching staff, but one size does not fit all and the SC running game has looked great the last few games.

    • CardinalnGold

      That Jack kid is a heck of a football player.

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Clueless insight as usual, Gargamel…

  • wolfman, every high school Charlie defensive player wants to carry the ball in college, but they usually have a couple of good runs, then fumble the ball away.

    Jack is an amazing athlete and the exception to the rule!!

    how the Huskies let us steal this guy out of Belvue WA is pure folly of the hightest degree!!

    • add to above: i travel to Issaquah WA on business at least once a year (Costco HQ). it’s right next to Belvue and the last couple of years people there mentioned Miles Jack as a the greatest athlete they’d ever seen! well the locals always think the local kid is the next Jim Thorpe, but in this case, they were not whisting Dixie!!!
      Sark, how’d you let this kid go???

      • steveg

        One reason why USC don’t want Sark, he is not a good recruiter.

      • Mike 70

        Learn how to spell..Bellevue, WA. Typical public scool education.

        • yeah, i flunked City Spelling class, jackass.

          love the dumbshlts who search for typos and consider that a rebuttal.

          • Mike 70

            That’s not all you flunked. Clearly you have flunked life as well with your weird obsession of all things USC.

  • Cheap seats

    I’m beginning to think Scott writes bad articles on purpose.

  • EncinitasBruin

    With their depth issues, SC can’t afford to lose Cravens as a defensive force (RBs have a higher injury rate than DBs). As well, SC is loaded at running back, whereas UCLA is dinged up at the position with James and Thigpen down. Jack adds a wrinkle in that wishbone package that will only be used 5-10 times per game. But holy crap, what an athlete…