Colin Cowherd Radio Show Visits USC On Friday

Radio host Colin Cowherd, who did a backflip last week in his staunch support of Lane Kiffin, will do his radio show Friday at USC on the eve of ESPN’s GameDay visit, etc. Maybe he can book Kiffin as a guest . . . via phone of course to avoid any awkwardness at USC.


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  • Joe Blow

    Scott, the difference between Colin and you is that Colin can ADMIT when he’s wrong PLUS he carries no GRUDGE against anyone that doesn’t care for him.

    • and will you ADMIT you lied about living in Newport Beach?? or do you have TWO mansions and TWO yachts, one set in NB and one in Manhatten Beach???

      and what about Jojo????? i mean Lolo??? don’t tell mle she’s a lie too??? my IT guy just “pinged” your IP address and it comes back as Upland?????
      Now what’s going one down there????

      • TrojanFan

        My IT guy pinged your IP address and it came back as right in the middle of a pig farm.

        So, what’s your excuse!…..I’m all ears!


        LOL “pinging” an ip address does not give you a location of the computer associated with said IP address. I know you were making a joke, it was just a joke that didnt make any sense.

        • duh, well obviously, pinging is just a generic term, we actually TraceRT’d his IP, then i SamSpaded him.
          you think i am going to give up ALL my secrets??

          • TrojanFan

            If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshlt!

            You play way too many video games

          • Joe Blow

            bucket is still in shock that we TOOK OVER The Cadre!

            Viva la Cadre! Fight On!

          • Joe Blow

            Where’s UPLAND? HAWR HAWR

          • take a look out the window, Elmer Fudd!! “i own a mansion and yacht!!!”

  • Helen

    Scottie: that’s not a backflip on Kiffin – he’s acknowledging Orgeron’s contribution to making the game more fun. Kiffin was much more serious and took an NFL (No Fun League) approach that obviously didn’t work out. I wonder which approach better prepares a player for a future in professional football?

    • WEB_Dupree

      I listen to Cowherd sometimes on the way to work, and he has made other, more direct comments about how he was wrong about Kiffin. Cowherd often seems to trumpet his own mistakes in a “look how honest I am” kind of way.

      • TrojanFan

        Honesty is a trait everyone can respect and appreciate. He must be doing something right, he’s had his own show for 10 plus years

        • ThaiMex

          Knucklehead…admit it…ESPN radio generates almost no revenue to Disney. Just like “Radio Disney”, the two brands are there ONLY to enhance the DISNEY bigger than thou, image. Radio hosts for Disney Radio have also been around for years. It doesn’t mean they are any good….they just take up time and space just like Cowherd. You on the other hand, are a genuine waste of time and space.
          fit UN Though!

          • TrojanFan

            You’re a clueless piece of shlt!. What does listen to Cowheard have to do with how much a company makes in revenue. Talk about a “knucklehead”…LOL!

            You are a genuine waste of time and space. Plus, the punchline to all the jokes

            Such a sad insecure little old man. Your consent confrontational approach is bizarre and not normal. I’m serious as a heartbeat, you have mental issues

          • ThaiMex

            He’s a space filler….just like that useless mass between both of your ears. He’s not Dan Patrick. People listen to Patrick. His show is a money maker.
            fit Un knucklehead

      • rusoviet

        Yes he does do that then again he has to both remember what he said ‘and’ fill up the 1.5 hours (Willard is the other 1.5 hrs) he’s not commenting. Man can’t wait for those 15 minutes of Cowherd being over so I can get my Mark Willard feed can’t you?

        • WEB_Dupree

          One morning I turned on the radio and Willard was talking about something other than the Lakers. I couldn’t believe it. I think it only happened that one time, though.

          • rusoviet

            Willard was probably talking about his dopey son and his mother.

  • TrojanFan

    Where have you been? He jumped off the Kiffin bandwagon months ago!

    Always a day late and a dollar short!

    • gotroy22

      Yet you rah rahs still defend him to this very day.

      • TrojanFan

        Defend him? I’m glad he’s gone.
        Are you comprehending what you’re reading?

      • TrojanFamily

        Part of the issue is your own inability to recognize that both Kiffin AND Wolf are completely incompetent. It’s only a shame that only one of them has lost their job this season. YOU are the rah rah–a rah rah for Wolf.

  • rusoviet

    ‘Colin’ HAS to be there i.e. he’s a flunkie w. ESPN and they’re there as well. He and ‘the mothership’ are loathed to admit the format Patrick has put together is far more compelling to listen to – it comes on ‘nationally’ a full hour earlier (6:00 am PST compared to ‘the Herd’ @ 7:00 am PST) 2nd – the same guests are almost always the same on both shows with DP getting them first. 3rd – DP has what most assumed was a joke ‘The Danettes’ – yeah it is until you listen to both shows and realize Cowherd is no different than that demi-god back end of a donkey ‘vin-dawg’ no one but the vin-dawg (or in this case Cowherd) just good ole vin/cowherd with one major difference.

    # 4 – DP does the entire show – all three hours with his sidekicks. Whereas Cowherd has the local sports jock (in our case mark Willard – lover of kobeeee) shill for him. Problem is becoming more and more apparent Cowherd has about 2 – 3 points to ram down everyone’s throats every morning and then nothing – heck even Simers echoed one of his points this past week (hmmm maybe Simers realizes writing for a local paper in the ‘OC” isn’t ‘major league huh TJ?

    Dan Patrick doesn’t need to come out to LA – he goes on Sunday with Sunday Night Football and Cowherd still looks like a suck-up, with his admitted ‘at times’ solid insight, to the Howard Stern Show.

    “Mark Willard with your Kobeeee alert – last night my son couldn’t get to sleep so I sang him a Kobeee lullaby…ah the Fakers….

  • B.Miller

    Jealous much?