21 thoughts on “GameDay Will Not Be At Coliseum

  1. The Cadre will be honored by GameDay first thing. We will be staying the night before at the Biltmore Hotel and are being comp’d by USC. Therefore, we will have a private dinner meeting Friday night at the hotel. TF, TH, GT and the crew are all invited.

    If you need transportation, please contact ThaiBean, GooGoo, bRuinBoob, PU, mazd909 or EncanitasBore. You can use their new App: GooberCar

    bucket is picking me up in Manhattan Beach. BTW, bucket, make sure you leave the IE early enough so you don’t hit traffic.

    Long live the REAL CADRE.

      • HAWR-HAWR!!!! great catch, WEB!!!

        i guess Nubs finally forget his own lies!!

        how many TIMES has he declared he owns a mansion and a yacht in NEWPORT BEACH???

        oh, so it’s Mahattan Beach now?

        my geography is a bit fuzzy, but i don’t think those two places are even CLOSE!!!

        HAWR-HAWR!!!! don’t tell me his old lady doean’t really look like Jojo!!! i mean Lolo!!??

        BUSTED!!! Nobs you phony asss chump!!!


    • Am I included in “the crew”?

      This is actually my regular tailgate spot. I guess I’ll have to set up in Alumni Park again.

      I have a bad feeling the kickoff for the rivalry game will be noon.

      • Yep. Be sure to get hold of GooberCar for transportation. Those slugs usually get drunk and don’t look at their app late in the day.

    • I’m in! …..The usual Cuban cigars will be in abundant supply. …I am behind the Orange Curtain in Huntington Beach, but I assume that Buckets ankle monitoring device allows him to go that far. ….

    • I suggest changing our hotel to the Ritz Carlton at LA Live. It’s closer and there’s a shuttle that goes to the Coli. I’m not a fan of indoor pools like at the Biltmore.

      Bucket’s mom (also a Bruin alum) works in housekeeping and was able to get them a good rate.

      • Done. We are now at the Ritz Carlton. I guess I had only seen bucket’s wife after she was off work, aka housekeeping, when she was on her back in almost every room with a guy or animal.

        Anyway (hey Scott, not ANYWAYS), we will have our hosted dinner and hotel room.

        I LOVE having taken over The Cadre. It NOW means something!

  2. Gonna be a riot when Corso puts the tree on his head. Probably better location for security. Are they bringing your new BB mascots, Buzz Lightyear and Donkey from Shrek?

    • Maybe then again you guys ought to go ‘retro’ and drag out that Yogi and Yugi (hey why not huh?) bears – man those were awfully funny – why did you change? Why? You must embrace what you were perceived to be – cartoon characters.

        • …and make him sing the lyrics to the Cal fight song they stole – uh it has no lyrics? Ok then he can sing the OK ‘boolah boolah’ nonsense

      • I guess we were smart enought to change. Keith Olbermann named Pat Haden the Worst Person in the Sports World for those mascots, so they are drawing attention. Especially having one named Traveller for basketball.

        Maybe you should just trot out Enfield’s wife as Helen of Troy! That would be a serious upgrade.

        • Better yet was what USC did back in 65 (might have been 66) when they had the Helen of Troy contestants circle the old Coliseum in top down convertibles. Some brainac frattie thought notihing of driving by the Bruin (south) side – oh boy – here come’s de trash! Gas pedal hit – gal’s does a full 90 degree tilt up – she darn near fell off the back of the car. Even as a fan of Troy it was priceless then again it was that ‘West 28th Street’ row cabal in control.

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