Marqise Lee Wants Bigger Role

USC wide receiver Marqise Lee said the coaches limited the number of plays he participated in recent games but he his knee is 100 percent and he wants to play full-time against Stanford.

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  • john wolcott

    Thank goodness “he his knee is 100 percent.” Does Wolf ever double-check his personal blog input? His only fans are the hypocritical SUCLA vermin who would applaud anything anti-SC.

    • HeySucs

      Little Johnny Smack = Another SUC sniveler. Chump on.

  • HeySucs

    Marqise Lee is a fifth round draft choice at best. RJ Soward was better than Lee. How long did RJ last in the NFL?

    • Rusty Buckets

      Thanks for the insight. Now run along.

      • HeySucs

        SUC jerks can’t stand the truth.

    • CardinalnGold

      Asks the boy who’s football team produced great NFL stalwarts like J.J. Stokes.

      • Cheap seats

        Hey….JJ was good…

        at taking spit in the face from Bill Romonowski!

        • HeySucs

          Frankie Gifford couldn’t take a hit.

      • HeySucs

        What does JJ Stokes have to do with Lee? I compared Lee with Soward. How about that truly great SUC QB Sean Salisbury, or the incredible Suitcase Roddy Peete. Lets not forget the ever huge Carson Pimple. He’s been tearing up the NFL with three teams. Listen Eightball, I think R.J. Soward was better than Lee. Lee is nothing more than a Fifth round pick. He will not last in the NFL.

        • Cheap seats

          I think that post was the most substance you’ve ever had.

          Bucket — you’re playing this screen name out of character!

    • Cheap seats

      Nothing shows your envy more than naming a wide receiver on our team from 10 years ago.

      You can probably name our 2nd string left tackle, too!

      • HeySucs

        Your comparisons run to Fruit Loops vs Frosty Flakes.

  • Golden Trojan

    The offense does seem to spark when he’s on the field, whether he’s getting thrown to or not.

  • ProbationU

    I think Lee is an outstanding player. Will go in the 1st round. Not sure why it is an issue for some here. RJ Soward was also an excellent player…his problems were alcohol…not his ability.