Stanford Coach David Shaw’s History Against Ranked Teams

This is David Shaw’s third season as Stanford coach and he already has 12 victories over ranked teams and three over top 3 teams.

Shaw said today he is “shocked” USC is not ranked in the top 25.

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  • CardinalnGold

    Shaw is a heck of a coach and I’d be thrilled if SC some how snatched him away for the farm. His team manhandled Oregon last Thursday. That Utah loss make no sense at all though.

    • ProbationU

      Utah is a much better team at home. Plus, Stanford had 3rd and 2 late in the game and threw twice rather than rely on their power game. They got back to basics the next week against my Bruins.

      • TrojanFan

        With a vanilla playbook they steamrolled the ruins, interesting!

      • rusoviet

        Stanford has an incredible front line both sides of the ball – the term ‘phone booth’ was used last Thursday to visually describe their linemen. The key for them is to tilt massively time of possession in their favor and then wear the other side out by running the ball constantly.

        I’m w.. you re. Hogan – decent qb on a great great team – USC’s only hope is to play man-for-man’ on defense and use their multiple running backs to turn the tables on Stanford and keep them backpedaling with a passes to Lee et. al..

  • john wolcott

    I am shocked David Shaw is shocked (that SC is not rated). Quite frankly, the Trojans were buried deep in the ratings after ASU dismantled them, and it is a long way digging oneself back up out of the grave.

  • TrojanFan

    How would that compare to Pete?

  • TrojanFamily

    Who cares about David Shaw? I want to know what David Allen thinks!

  • rusoviet

    You can’t blame Shaw – if Stanford loses to an unranked team that would be so humiliating – it would also be awfully funny esp. if OR runs the table and Stanford’s left out in the cold again.

  • B.Miller

    USC is not ranked because they have not earned it yet.. After Sunday USC will be ranked as a 8-3 team