Super-Sized Mascot

ENFIELD.HORSEYIt wasn’t until I saw this picture with human beings that I noticed just how tall the horsey is for the new USC basketball mascots. If you end up sitting behind Traveler, good luck.

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  • ProbationU

    Well, I can certainly see why Tommy’s smile is so big!

    • Bill

      There is a draft going into his skirt!

    • Bill

      Yep, he has his arm around the guy and the other one on the cheerleader’s side is at his side!

  • Ray Reyes

    Yeah, who’s looking at the horse?! šŸ™‚

    • hey Ray Reyes, check out the neck on that horse!!! it’s practically a giraffe!!!

      envious, huh?

    • Bill

      Did some jealous students pass the yell leader outfits to the homeless? It looks like Tommy, Traveler, and their ponies!

      • TrojanFamily

        Oh William, we all know your own sexual proclivities focus much more on Traveler than the Song Girls. Don’t make us call the ASPCA on you.