USC Band Break

Before I get to what might be a tired halftime show this week, I’ll recommend listening to the USC band.

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  • did Bartner tick off the wolfman, like Kiff did?

    well, if so he’s facing a barrage of crotch kicks from the wolfman, the poor SOB!!!


    • TrojanFamily

      You even know the name of the USC Band director? I seriously have never met a bigger fan of USC athletics than you, Chuckles. I can tell you that I have absolutely, positively no idea who UCLA’s band director is. Do they have a band?

  • rusoviet

    Oh yeah there’s that West Hollywood slave march – “…now place your hand on the fellah in front of you – that’s it – allright now sashay chante…”

    Can’t we be spared this moronic march? How about at least knocking off with ‘Fight On’ after every 1st down – let ucla-mysucla do that i.e. they get so few it would be a welcome break for their fans.

  • gotroy22

    Will the Stanford band be there and allowed on the field?

  • tostevinUSC

    Playing Fight On after every first down is now a tradition. As is the Dig at the Stanford band, They fell apart when the school ditched its mascot (early politically correctness) right after the band purchased new uniforms. Stanford band has gone from a good musical program to the joke they are now. So excuse the Band for pointing out the joke. It is kind of like making fun of Wolf-an easy target

  • Ron Fleishman

    Is there ever a positive comment from the writer going nowhere?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      No…….Scottie could find a way to make a snide comment if we were ever to have World Peace. ….

    • gotroy22

      Go To Garry P’s site if you need happy news.


        goatroy, its not a matter of happy news or sad news. This is petty and whiny reporting. It’s coming from a guy who only seeks out the negatives in life. Cry On!

        • TrojanFamily

          Gotroy is Scott’s biggest rah rah. He tops even Bucket in his blind loyalty to the journalistic greatness that is Wolf.

  • Golden Trojan

    Stanfurd does not have a band, they have a classless, tasteless rabble who should be an embarrassment to all alumni of the furd.


    I would be happy if they played Fight On after every play.

  • Mark

    Me thinks Wolfie speaks of the furd band. Any musician can tell you they, how do I succinctly put this, SUCK. Can’t polish a turd or furd