USC Morning Buzz

Cody Kessler talked about the Stanford rivalry (above). And he also talked Tuesday night about getting a big crowd to the Stanford game. Kessler said recent road games at Notre Dame and Oregon State featured great crowds.
“It was awesome,” Kessler said. “Playing on the road when the fans got up for the game, we want to have that here and get back to where USC was in the early 2000’s.”

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  • john wolcott

    Well, Cody, as the old saying goes, “Build it (a winning program), and they will come.”

    Hey, this is L.A.– good beach days nearly every day, pro teams, mountains to climb, and girls to find.

    L.A. is a tough town to play if you’re an entertainer

  • Helen

    Al Davis said it best – “Just Win, Baby”

  • ThaiMex

    Should be a Very Good Game, especially with the band being quiet as the torgans get shut out!
    fit Un!


      LOL Idiot, whether USC is blowing someone out or getting blown out, the band will never be silenced.

    • TrojanFan

      Can you get extra pancakes with the new breakfast platter?

  • Cheap seats

    Like most have said, win and they will come.

    However, I do have to admit the other factors: our opponents (Washington State, Boston College, Arizona, Utah State) along with NOON starts with one Thursday night game.

    Bring Oregon or even a so-so Big 10 opponent FOR 4 PM OR LATER GAME and we’d be at least 80,000 even at a .500 record.

    This was one year where I should’ve just bought single game tickets in lieu of my season seats! There were games where I literally couldn’t give a ticket away:

    “Want to go to a USC game?”
    response: “Who are they playing? What time is the game?”
    Me: “Utah State. At noon.”