An Amazing USC-Stanford Stat

USC lost only three times to Stanford between 1958-90. That is hard to believe in today’s atmosphere.

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  • tostevinUSC

    Those days are gone. Stanford used to acknowledge their football team on occasion and really didn’t care too much about athletics in the past. That changed with better coaches and recruiting. To illustrate this the varsity quarterback at my high school (we went 0 &8) was offered a full ride to Stanford because of his GPA not his athletic ability. Now they recruit both.

  • fit UN, YESTERDAY U!!!!!!

    • B.Miller

      Its called tradition.. Sorry your school lacks it..

      • well it appears your school has a NEW tradition: basement dwelling in ALL MAJOR SPORTS!!!

        Fit UN!!!

        • B.Miller

          Yet.. GAMEDAY is still coming to USC.. Yeah its called.. TRADITION!
          When was the last time Gameday came to bRUIN HALL? …….
          Dont worry.. Ill wait!

    • TrojanFamily

      I think you forgot to log out of this account and log into your ThaiMex account before you posted this.

      • there is ONE and only one THAI!!!

        and he is one RUTHLESS VATO, so watch out you don’t pisss him off!!

  • john wolcott

    It may be hard to believe in today’s atmosphere, but not in the atmosphere that existed between 1958-1990. Except for a couple years with a great Indian from the Stanford Indians, Jim Plunkett, the Indians were a punching bag back then.