Jim Harbaugh Was Nothing Compared To John McKay

Do you think Jim Harbaugh set a standard in the Stanford-USC series by going for 2 points with a 48-21 lead and Pete Carroll asking him, “What’s your deal?”

Former USC coach John McKay had this famous quote about Stanford following a victory in 1972: “I’d like to have beaten them by 2,000 points. They have no class. They’re the worst winners we’ve ever come up against.”

That led to a priceless cartoon from the following year, which shows USC leading Stanford, 1,992-0, and McKay telling Pat Haden if the Trojans score on the final play, “We go for two.” To see the cartoon, click here

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  • TrojanFamily

    That’s a great cartoon and story.

  • Joe Blow

    JH is a total p r i c k. Go Sea Hawks.

  • john wolcott

    Thanks Wolf for the best laugh I have had this week. I had forgotten that ol cartoon.

    Oh, yeah, and Stanford class, a subject that is even shorter than speaking of SUCLA class. In fact, I have already run out of words to describe it.

    • rusoviet

      I’d say their OL S. Skov did his high school work at Camp Scudder from the looks of him – Road Warrior?

    • steveg

      There are actually one or two fucla posters that do have class. The problem is the rest of them make the one or two look bad.

      • ProbationU

        In my family, we have Bruins, Trojans, Stanfurdians, Ducks and Buffaloes. There are plenty of a$$es to go around at all schools. I know great Trojans and I know some that are insufferable. Duck fans can be horrible. I have witnessed some embarrassing Bruin fans, primarily at basketball. Buffaloes are pretty humble these days but I was at a game when they were good, and well, they had theirs too.

        My theory on some of the bad fans is that they are the bandwagon, late-to-the-party, fair weather fans that don’t really have anything to do with the school or team. They are the first to abandon the team when they aren’t doing so well and the loudest and most obnoxious when the team is winningl. Cuts across all lines.

  • rusoviet

    Howard Jones was coach when Stanford had ‘the Vow Boys’ (1933-35) after Troy beat them in 1932 – they made good on their pledge to not lose to Troy under HC Thornhill but the ensuing years were mean and lean – Howard Jones loathed them before and especially after that three year period.

    For McKay it was personal between him and John Ralston – as big a p^%$k as there ever was and the first time I’d ever heard of someone who was a ‘Scientologist’ – no love loss between the two of them.

    Forward to when Bill Walsh was Stanford’s HC and John Robinson (1976-81) at USC. After Troy smashed them Walsh came out with his famous “Well gentlemen you can’t put grade point averages on the scoreboard.” And Robinson’s classic knock down punch “All we did was change our blitzes and stunts and those phi betta kappas couldn’t figure it out!”

    Everyone knows what Pete Carroll thought and thinks about Harbaugh – I don’t believe has a friend in the world.

    Ed Orgeron and Shaw?Well we’ll see where this plays out but based on Shaw’s need to whine about Sarkisian’s post-game comments to a captive Pac-12 coaches phone forum expect such if the Indians (opps my bad) Cradinals lose.

    • standorfsux

      Rusoviet, love the history lesson. how ’bout something more contemporary. anyone who took in a dorf game at the coliseum this past decade no doubt saw their band of liberal elites perform a Hitler salute at every drop of our “Fight On!”. i’m sure the palo alto intelligensia would argue a “nuanced” defense: they were merely performing a “Roman” salute. it was revolting. Coach McKay was right and is right.

      If we can beat the dorf on saturday, the ramifications are clear: the universe will be righted, obamacare repealed and solar flares increase on the sun. i cant believe their O Line is meaner than ours. Let’s hope that changes this saturday.

      • rusoviet

        Facilement mon frere…bon….nous sommes les chevaliers de vraiment – vous comprenne?

        Easy my brother…good….we are the knights of truth – you understand?

        Everything that has tradition is mocked at Stanford – God, country, faithfulness, loyalty, decorum, respect – everything to those a$$es is a joke.

        One thing that drives the leftist elitist nuts s the Hoover Commission – trouble is it’s embedded and there isn’t a thing they can do about it.

        Let’s see where that thug punk Shayne Skov lands up in four years – man Jonathan Martin sure looks like a whimp with his ‘mommy’ a ‘labor’ attorney

        • standorfsux

          bien sûr, mon ami dans les bras. no better Indian “spokesman” than Andrew Luck. The dulcet tones of his “neanderthal man” vocal delivery must thrill the tens of early jurassic hominids that grace their campus. the dorf is so progressive, they even had the evolutionary missing link barking audibles for their team.

  • john wolcott

    Actually, I misspoke. The subject of Stanford class is slightly longer than SUCLA’s. Now, if you drop the “cl” when speaking of SUCLA class, well then, I can give you a several thousand word essay.

  • 22

    People still mention McKay’s 41 year-old quote, but no one includes the conduct at Stanford that triggered it. How about reporting that part of the story, Scott? P.S. – It involved comments from Standford fans directed at SC players while they walked to the stadium.

    • rusoviet

      Yea – all those white liberal elitists and suddenly out comes what was really on their minds – lot of use of the ‘n’ word.

      Stanford – the origin of ‘limousine liberal.’

  • poor Southern Cal..they really are betwixt and between!!!

    not enough money to compete with Stanford, and not enough brains to complete with UCLA. Oregon is nouveau riche but still outclasses Southern Cal in every way these days.

    i rank Southern Cal below AZ in a tie with Utah and AZ St. and WAZU in the bottom half of the Pac12 pecking order across the board. Colorado is in the basement…..for now.

    • steveg

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste. A poorly written comment with little to no basis. In your humble opinion should have been your preface. Thanks for the input, we love to know how you really feel…for now.

    • rusoviet

      You’re a pathetic envious little fool always were and always shall be – a pathetic little envious fool.

  • tostevinUSC

    Tomorrow the year Stanford’s Music Club threw white powder into the eyes of Traveler as the horse entered the stadium. And they thought the stunt was funny…but hey Wolf is a fan of the marching party known as a band.

    • Golden Trojan

      Stanford’s class is shown every time that so called band takes the field.

      • rusoviet

        I had no idea they did that but that’s not a surprise – they mocked Notre Dame some 10 years ago mimicing an ejaculating ‘fire extinguisher’ per the pedophile scandal ‘at’ Notre Dame.

        Know what is telling is that Stanford flat out blocked any consideration of allowing BYU into the conference because it’s a ‘religious’ school. When Notre Dame plays themn it is the sole time I root for the Irish.

        I know a lot really believe that school is the end all and be all but when you get up there and tour the campus itself, it’s all the same architecture (save where the Hoover Commission is housed) – pale orange cookie cutter – there is nothing iconic about that campus – I think it was the basis for the land described in ‘The Fixer’

    • 22

      I didn’t know that either. Both the Stanford and Cal bands have played “spook the horse.” Years ago, Traveler was entering the Coliseum and the Cal band, sitting next to the tunnel, suddenly erupted with one loud blaring note. Traveler threw its rider and ran on the field, to the delight of the Cal fans. It was the biggest cheer of the day for Cal fans as Tommy Trojan was motionless on the track. More recently, during a Stanford game, Traveler was entering the Coliseum, walking past the Stanford band, sitting in the end-zone. They too spooked the horse, but all it accomplished was Traveler bumping into a Stanford “Dollie.” Good thing that they have moved visitor bands away from the tunnel.

  • Bill

    Wasn’t Sneaky Pete notorious for running up the score and going for two on plays?