Lane Kiffin Talks To Colin Cowherd

Amazingly, Colin Cowherd did not ask why USC’s players seem happier now even though he tweeted it after the Oregon State game. But here’s what Kiffin had to say this morning:

He predicted USC would win its last three games: “I think they’re going to run the table. USC’s quarterback is actually playing better than Stanford’s.”

On who USC will hire: “I would think Pat (Haden) would start pretty high up and get a big name and sexy hire.”

On what he needs to change if he gets hired again as head coach: “I gotta delegate. I tried to do too much stuff. You just get stretched too much.”

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  • HeySucs

    Colin Cowcrap!

    • rusoviet

      It is funny that he has no interest in the bel-airians.


        does anybody?

      • ProbationU

        Colin Cowturd has always been a Trojan homer since the Carroll days. No news there. Being a bel-airian isn’t so bad…just can’t quite afford the 90077!

        • rusoviet

          Yeah then again Pete Dalis played and still maybe playing regularly at the BACC – not bad for a water carrier on Billy Barnes team.

          90049 where art thou?

          • ProbationU

            Santa Monica. Have played Bel AIr a number of times. Had my first hole in one there on #16. Dalis used to hate Jim Harrick because he didn’t fit in with the boys at Bel Air. I am a Riviera guy…got in when it was cheap. Could not afford to join now.

  • rusoviet

    He also agreed with Cowherd that CA itself does not have enough quality high school players to compete nationally with SEC teams that they have to recruit in the south to assemble a team to win.

    Kiffin also said USC is two blown field goals away from being 9 – 1 pointedly ignoring the massacre AZ St. inflicted and the same by OR and AZ last year – lousy defense.

    I have to say he answered directly but you can just hear the huge contrast in how anyone would react in playing for a dour introspective guarded personality such as Kiffin vs. Orgeron’s engaging positive excited manner.

    Ed Orgeron was on Dan Patrick and noted how much more fun the kids are now – he noted how down and depressed the team looked prior to Kiffin’s getting fired.

  • “run the table”??

    not even the craziest trOXan Dummy in this blog would DARE make such a coo-coo prediction!!!

    Kiff has gone the Leonard Tose Route!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Makes as much sense as spending an entire year predicting 5-8.

    • Bill

      They might run the donut and In & Out table!

  • The Capper

    You criticize Colin for not asking the right questions yet you still post his interview. As a suggestion, how about you interview Coach Kiffin on your own and then you can ask him any question you want. Oh that’s right, Kiffin won’t give you the time of day. Never mind.

    • HeySucs

      Who the He8l cares what the Goat will or will not do. Kiffy, and his menu and sombrero are gone for good.

    • marvgoux1

      You still have a man crush on Kiffin at this late date? You are Sunshine Pumper of the Year.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Amazingly, Scott Wolf did not ask….because he can not get anyone with a pulse to speak with him. Instead, he’s left wondering why other people didn’t ask a question that he would (which by the way would be a really sophomoric question).
    Wolf remains butthurt that Kiffin routinely called him out for being a petulant fool. Wolf thinks he won out as a result of Kiffin’s firing. In reality, Kiffin will eventually go on to do something productive and interesting with his life. Yet, Wolf will always be a hack pushing his tiresome pablum.

    • Helen

      So true, so true.

    • nice revisionist attempt!! however, as you may or may not know, the WINNERS write the history, and THE WOLFMAN is the WINNER in this battle!!!

      and it was NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

      the wolfman ran Kiff outta town on a RAIL!!!

      and the sweeetest part was, wolfman didn’t PICK the fight, he just FINSIHED it!!!


    • Joe Blow

      Wolff will end up working for bucket….what a come down.

    • HeySucs

      Just like you. Snivel on. Can’t wait to read your blog and nitpick.

  • B.Miller

    Good interview.. Colin did a good job, and Kiffin did as well..

  • RIP Lane Kiffin

    A Sexy Hire? Perhaps Kiffin’s Wife is in contention