Andy Enfield On Nearly Embarrassing Loss

USC coach Andy Enfield on going 2 for 12 on 3-pointers: “We have no great shooters on our team. We have a lot of streaky shooters.”

And on going 19 for 36 on free throws: “They need to make a couple hundred before they go to bed,” he said. “They might need to order breakfast in the Galen Center.”

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  • ThaiMex

    Different year, same results….Who the heck is the shooting coach (must be that dummy brick laying YO YO from last years team….Terrell?????).

    Fit UN!
    (What a weekend….you knuckleheads at LIMBO U get owned at Football and squeeze by NORTHERN ARIZONA in Basketbawlll)

    • TrojanFamily

      Thus spake Summer’s Eve.

    • Rusty Buckets

      So we can expect SC to win at ucla again this year? Cool!

    • Rusty Buckets

      By getting owned at Football, are you referring to ucla’s one-year winning streak? Ha!

  • HeySUCs

    I’d say FGCSUC BB team is more mobile then a fire hydrant and less accurate than a blind baseball pitcher. Northern AZ nearly smacks the running FGCSUCs.