Andy Enfield On Nearly Embarrassing Loss

USC coach Andy Enfield on going 2 for 12 on 3-pointers: “We have no great shooters on our team. We have a lot of streaky shooters.”

And on going 19 for 36 on free throws: “They need to make a couple hundred before they go to bed,” he said. “They might need to order breakfast in the Galen Center.”

5 thoughts on “Andy Enfield On Nearly Embarrassing Loss

  1. Different year, same results….Who the heck is the shooting coach (must be that dummy brick laying YO YO from last years team….Terrell?????).

    Fit UN!
    (What a weekend….you knuckleheads at LIMBO U get owned at Football and squeeze by NORTHERN ARIZONA in Basketbawlll)

  2. I’d say FGCSUC BB team is more mobile then a fire hydrant and less accurate than a blind baseball pitcher. Northern AZ nearly smacks the running FGCSUCs.

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