Stanley Johnson Picks Arizona

As expected, Stanley Johnson said he will attend Arizona. USC and Kentucky were his other finalists.

“What put me over the top for them is the way they recruited me since my freshman year,” Johnson said. “The family feeling I got when I went on campus . . .  for me that was the biggest thing.”

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Is he talented enough to be a “one and done”?

  • ProbationU

    Arizona does a great job recruiting. Not much of a coach in my mind. Good player in high school. Personally, I am a little tired of the Mater Dei kids in basketball. They seem to transfer around a lot after high school. Maybe he is the exception.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      I agree… they typically tend to be relatively soft, finesse type players… Tom Lewis, Matt Beeuwsaert, LeRon Ellis, Miles Simon, Jamal Sampson, D.J. Strawberry, the Wear twins, etc……

      • HeySucs

        THore, I pointed out the very same information a couple months ago when you were hotly crowing that Stanley Johnson might be attending SUC and not UCLA. Oh well, FGCSUC strikes out again.

        • Rusty Buckets

          What grade are you in?

  • wolfman, OOOPS you did it AGAIN!!!

    leading the Dummies on and making them think they had a chance with this 5 star, even thought EVERYONE with any sense knew he would never come to Basement U!!!!

    i warned them, wolfman, but they STILL let themselves get set up for another CROTCH KICK!!!

    they had about as much chance with Johnson as NUBS had of marrying the REAL Lolo!!! i mean Jojo!!

    • Jack B

      Hey Crotch Boy. You gotta wonder about a guy who thinks the word crotch is so cool, eh. Your crotch must be very, very worked over as a Little Gutty football fan. Year after year! Hopefully, you can beat the Huskies tonight. If, however, Sarkisian hammers you, it’ll just be another predictable nail in that Little Gutty coffin, aka, the UCLA football program. Har, har, harrrr!

      • HeySucs

        Jackie B: Ucla hammered the Sark. Can SUC do the same to Stanford tomorrow? I doubt it. SUC on.

  • john wolcott

    Right. The kid went to Arizona, the best basketball school in the West, because the ‘Cats had such a “family feeling.”

    Please! This kid wants to show off his talents in a great program so he can get a $40 million NBA contract

    I don’t blame the kid, but come on, be honest about the whole thing