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Why has Stanford won four straight games and five out of six against USC? Here’s my story on the reasons the series turned. Excerpt:


Stanford tailback Toby Gerhart punished USC with 178 yards and three touchdowns in the Cardinal’s 55-21 victory in 2009. Former USC baseball coach Mike Gillespie begged Pete Carroll to recruit Gerhart but Carroll declined because he did not want a two-sport star.

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  1. Wolf, the shark, just had to get in another bite or two on the Kiffin corpse

    But in the L.A. Times this morning Coach O said there is a good vibe with the team, and that our boys will be ready to play the Trees in front of a full house

    By the way, any interest in the SUCLA game?

    • Why would anybody want to watch the # 13 ranked team (UCLA) in the nation with the likely FRESHMAN of the year, Myles Jack, NFL 1st rounder/College footballs BEST Linebacker, Anthony Barr (remember him?, I’m pretty sure Barfy does!). Think of it this way….You can spend a afternoon/evening at the Beautiful Rose Bowl and/or you can fight the traffic and smell Wino Urine at the Coliseum? “You make the call”! Wino Urine it is!
      fit UN!

        • Game Day is there for Stanford, not SuC! They will probably be replaying the Stanford win as a 48 (forty eight) point underdog on the road!

          • Really?

            So it’s just a weird coincidence game day wasn’t there for any of the other Stanford games (including vs. Oregon)??

            Game day is there for BOTH. Idiot.

          • Come on, the only reason Game Day is there is because Stanford beat Oregon last week. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a significant game. It’s not a slap at us to admit the obvious.

          • I don’t know why I even bother to respond…

            If your logic is right, does that mean if Stanford were playing San Diego State game day would there?

            Or even if they were playing Arizona?

            In case you were wondering, the answer is NO — they wouldn’t. USC is still a nationally recognized program and the last 2 contests went down to the wire.

          • William, you know they would not make the trip to USC if not for USC…
            Tradition baby..
            When was the last time Game Day was at FUCLA again?
            no worries.. Ill wait ..

      • Friday night? Right there with CIF games, hope all the kids playing football don’t leave all the free end zone seats empty. I am sure you will have your usual 20-30k fans. Will fucla qualify for CIF this year? Remember, wino urine, a mediocre record, and where does ESPN go? Gotta suck to be a bRuin.

        • We’ve been drawing over 80,000 fans the last few games against good opponents..more than SC frankly as your fair weather fans stay home. Our attendance is way up.

          Nothing wrong with giving away some end zone seats during the year for poor kids that can’t afford to buy tickets. Good program. Something SC might want to try at Galen for BB for some games. I’m sure the kids in the neighborhood would show up and root hard.

          • UCLA has had several night games and you have to admit that makes a huge difference.

            Meanwhile, our NOON games against Washington St, Boston College, Utah State, and Arizona on a Thursday night would be tough to sell out even if Leinart and Bush were still here.

            In regards to the free tickets also known as “kids corner”, that isn’t available for the premiere games such as vs. UCLA, Stanford, ND, etc.

            I’ve been personally involved in distributing those tickets in the past in they’re terrible seats BEHIND the band section. In a premiere game, those tickets cost around $50.

          • I took kids to the games on school busses. They were high school varsity teams not the poor inner city deprived youths. fucla didn’t care where they came from.

          • And what’s your problem with either scenario? SC could do something with local schools and Boys and Girls Clubs for basketball as well.

            And as far as a Friday night game in Pasadena, that would be thanks to our friends at the PAC-12 office. Not exactly easy to get to Pasadena from anywhere for a Friday night game at 6pm. I don’t care WHO is playing…Stupid idea.

        • We didn’t set up the schedule! You only have a sellout because Stanford is bringing 40k fans down to the game. Even the SuC players are selling their ticket allotment!

          • Wrong Bill, Stanford fans do not travel well. Get some facts before you make a fool of yourself, again!

          • No, SUC fan you’ve stated …”Stanford don’t travel well.” Back it Bunky, or as usual, you’re just mouthing off without a fact(s) to stand on.

          • Don’t bother explaining. The kid is probably 12.

            Stanford couldn’t even sell out the PAC-12 championship game last year! It was sad….empty top deck all the way around.

            Almost felt like watching UCLA in one of their bowl games like Kraft Fight Hunger where a CIF game would bring more fans.

          • Last years Take a Dump Bowl in El Pisso, Tixas, was a solid SUC success? How many SUC fans were there – possibly 3 or 4. Nice loss. The best FB action wasn’t the SUC locker room brawl.

          • Haden’s hair is a masterpiece of styling. What’s it called – the one strand comb over. In the real world Haden sports a bald Style known as the Toilet Seat.

        • No, if you suck, you attend SUC: the Chinese University. The training ground for the next generation of US savvy Chinese intelligence officers. SUC: helping China get out front.

          • Now you’re getting racist, but I guess there’s no bar for a low life troll.

            You complain about too many Chinese. You should try setting foot on ANY UC campus these days. Or even youtube “asians in the library UCLA”.

            Your racist a** would probably get a heart attack.

          • Chinese is not a racist term. In case you didn’t know, SUC hosts the most Chinese students in the US University system. I’m not complaining, I’m merely pointing out a well known fact. Just because you don’t like my fact, doesn’t make me a racist. But it does make you a complete idiot. SUC needs the money. They have to find a FB HC and need the extra cash. It’s a sellers market. SUC FB is very important.

      • You fucing idiot, this is a USC blog!

        Confused again!…LOL! That Dementia is some nasty stuff


        • Where does it say only SUC half-wits and retards can only post opinions. SUC fan you spend a lot of time whining about Scott’s opinions. Start your own blog. You’re nothing but a SUC p*ssy. SUC on Eightball.

          • I just stopped responding to that sniveling idiot……..I think that it’s hilarious that most of his comments on this blog go unanswered… and nobody has his back, not even the UCLA trolls….heck, even Bucket and the old Cadre refuse to embrace him as one of their own…..what a lonely fool.

          • EXACTLY!….. Definitely a TOOL! Where are all these ruin trolls coming from? Bucket must be doing some recruiting

          • He responded to me in an earlier post, “Well, it only takes a few hours a day..”

            I replied, “You don’t know how pathetic you just admitted to be. It’s like saying, “I’ve only have intercourse with animals once per week…”

      • Wrong blog!….no gives a shlt what the ruins do. But a lose does bring a smile to my face

  2. Wolf fails to mention probation, sanctions, bowl ban, scholie reductions, which of course have nothing to do with recruiting and coaching hires! Our crew of RBs are just as good as Gerhart and Gaffney.

  3. Wolf’s fan-like perspective shines again.

    Gerhart and Gaffney are a dime a dozen. Putting either of the behind our less-than-average line would make them look junior college-like. Of course, Wolf doesn’t know that it’s what Stanford has done UP FRONT has everything to do with their success.

    Wolf is right on Peat and Murphy, however. There was no reason why those two should not have landed with us. Instead, we end up with an underachiever like Walker.

  4. For the love of all things holy, back off of Gerhart, that horse is dead. First of all he graduated in ’09!!! That aside, he was the leading rusher in 1 of the 4 SC – Stanford games he played in. I don’t remember you lamenting his recruitment when he had 5 yards on 6 carries and Stanford lost 42-0. . You also gloss over the fact that he would have been the 6th RB in the ’06 class. He went 2-2 against SC, yet you continue to hold this as THE example of some manufactured fiction that SC can’t recruit.

    By your logic, Stanford cost themselves at least one national championship because they missed out on Robert Woods and Marquise Lee. They did offer both of them and they could end up being back to back all-time Pac-12 receptions record holders.

    Man you are bad at your job.

    • Gerhart went 2-2 against us. That is fantastic for any athlete to do against SC football. We normally beat Stanford almost every season going back 40 years. That’s why we like to schedule them as our Homecoming game. We should go 4-0 against all Stanford players. Get it?

      • Yeah, except for ’91-’01 where Stanford went 6-5 against SC. Nice revisionist history. Maybe if you just pick 40 different seasons where SC won it will work out better.

  5. I like how SC now missed out on Andrew Luck too. SC got the national player of the year, Matt Barkley, a few months later. Why would they recruit a QB out of Texas, when they know that they had Barkley all but locked up?

      • With the benefit of hindsight (the crux of all Wolf arguments), Luck is obviously the better player. But when this was all going down, in ’08, the smart move was to wait on Barkley. Barkley was the National Player of the Year as a Sophomore in ’07. Knowing their chances of landing him, it would make no sense to make a big push to land Luck, who wasn’t even that interested in SC, from Texas.

        • Goatroy is the expert of hindsight. He’s a Wah Wah, like Wolf. The sky is always falling!

        • Luck’s running the Colts Offense. Barkley is still throwing pics, and the third string Eagle QB. Barkley is nothing more than an NFL backup QB.

          • Yes and I’m sure you, along with Wolf, knew that he was going to be the best QB of his generation… in 2008. Stanford was so aware go this that they recruited 2 QB’s the year after Luck. Plus, he was secretly interested in SC and they should have landed him.

  6. wolfman, this is STELLAR re-por-TAGE!!!

    “Here’s the Deal”: best by headline EVER!!!

    the article really illustrates how petty and childish Petey was!! he had game for a while, but towards the end was paranoid and lost control of team!!

    too many Money Quotes to cite!!!

    ok boys, wolf-howl on three to give wolfman his propers:



    • Hey waste bucket, the clerk at Walgreens said, every time you go in there to buy a box of Depends your breath smells like peni$. Have a little respect for the people you come in contact with,

  7. Hindsight is 20/20, of course. If only someone at USC could send a 2013 Gold Sheet back in time to our recruiters in the late 2000s! USC could clean up Biff Tannen-style!

  8. My favorite part of this farce is suggesting that SC should have hired Josh Shaw. He was the wide receivers coach at Stanford in 2010, coming off a season with 1 WR having over 700 yards receiving. He had the ceremonial OC title, but he was a position coach.

    At the time, he couldn’t crack your personal top three coaching wish list, with DeWayne Walker and Mike Riley filling out the top two spots. Riley has gone 23-23 and Walker went 7-30 since 2010 and 10-40 overall.

    I would say that we should imagine what would have happened if SC had hired Sean Payton, but he’s a hack as the Saints have been knocked out of the playoffs by Seattle and San Francisco in successive years.

    • easy, now, Evil. you really let wolfman’s crotch kick affect you!!

      Stanford Owns the Mausoleum……period.

      the Bruins will be along shortly to scatter what pieces are left!!

    • Not sure I trust your evaluation skills if you think Sean Payton is a hack. The Saints have been really good every year he’s been there except one: the year he was suspended for “Bounty Gate.”

      I’ll go on record as saying he’s one of the best coaches in the NFL (top 3 or 4, probably).

      • That’s sarcasm.

        In Wolf’s world, SC losing to Stanford was proof that Pete Carroll was a crappy coach. In his world, I’m sure Peyton Manning stinks because he only won one Super Bowl and Belichick might be worse because he’s lost a few.

        • Don’t forget that other “horrible” NFL head coach, Marv Levy……….his teams made 4 consecutive Super Bowl appearances…. Wolf would have crucified him…….

      • Sarcasm. he’s obviously one of the best coaches in the game, Just like Pete Carroll. In Wolf’s world, Carroll sucked because he lost badly to Stanford.

        Shaw was never on anyone’s radar, if you are going to say that SC somehow missed out on a coach, fabricate big. That’s my point.

        If Wolf was doing the UCLA beat, he would claim that the Bruins missed of by hiring Rick Neuhiesel rather than pulling Chip Kelly from New Hampshire.

  9. Because Stanford now has a premier coach who can always give USC a run for its money. Because they’ve figured out that we don’t play the physical, smash-mouth brand of football that they do. Because things may be changing with Coach Orgegon, but perhaps not fast enough.

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