Ed Orgeron On Cody Kessler

USC coach Ed Orgeron talked about the play of quarterback Cody Kessler tonight.

“The thing I liked about Cody as a head coach is I see all the intangibles. I see a quarterback with moxie, leadership skills and the team is gaining confidence in.”

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  • Dr. Paul

    It is time to “Let It All Hang Out!” Having been in the stands rooting and drinking adult beverages before, during and after Mr. Haden worked his magic on the playing field, I feel obligated to offer for Mr. Haden’s consideration this short speech to be made after USC
    posts a win over Colorado and before they trash UCLA:

    “We have had some really great coaches at USC.
    I hope to honor them with my selection of the new Head Football Coach. Many well-qualified candidates have been suggested and evaluated. President John Kennedy admonished Americans to “ask not what the Country could do for them, but what they could do for the
    Country”. I really believe this concept is vital when selecting a coach. November 15, 2013, less than 2 weeks ago, “Against the Tide” a Showtime documentary was released. I recall that in 1970, USC, John McKay and “Sam Bam” Cunningham did something in one football game that the Federal Government had not been able to accomplish in decades, they humiliated Alabama and made a major contribution to integrating Southern football. Bear Bryant, Alabama’s coach and a legend in college football, claimed that the USC drubbing gave him the muscle he needed to overcome the prejudice of the Alabama establishment and integrate his program. While I am proud of USC’s role, however important it may or may not have been, I believe a Bear Bryant quote embodies President Kennedy’s “take home message”. Bryant
    describes football coaches and players, “People
    who are in it for their own good are individualists. They don’t share the same heartbeat that makes a team so great. A great unit, whether it be football or any organization, shares the same heartbeat. If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it.
    If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.” Bear lived and breathed Alabama football and had the integrity and character that was required to promulgate the values he articulated.

    It has been said that Tommy Lasorda once cut himself and Vin Scully swore he bled Dodger Blue. I do not believe that it serves this University’s interests for our coaching positions to be used as a “revolving door”. The University was blessed in having a man of character and integrity in addition to demonstrated coaching skills, a man who was willing to step into what many had come to believe was a hopeless situation. Ed Orgeron, in a matter of weeks transformed a group of talented but discouraged young men into a winning team. You cannot dub or award either respect or self-esteem. They both have to be earned. I am privileged to announce that
    the University of Southern California intends to offer a man, who if he cut himself would most certainly bleed Cardinal and Gold, a 5-year contract as Full-time Head Football Coach and Marching Band Leader Pro-tem.

    Please help me give a warm welcome the New Head Football Coach of the USC Trojans, Ed “Boudan”

  • Helen

    Kessler played a great game and has progressed nicely as a QB. I guess Wittek is thinking “WTF am I going to do?” Should USC continue to win, Wittek will be collateral damage in the offseason.

  • B.Miller

    I knew he was the right man for the job!