Is Larry Scott Happy This Morning?

USC’s victory over Stanford effectively knocked the Cardinal out of a BCS bowl game and cost the Pac-12 money. I didn’t see Scott after the game but he probably wasn’t thrilled at the result from a conference view.

Scott did address the Pac-12’s officiating before the game.

“Generally it’s very strong but far from perfect,” he said.

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  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Amazing. You are really able to find the negative in everything.

  • rusoviet

    I can’t fault him for that – his job is for the entire conference ‘and’ it is also to secure the necessary financial and national exposure thus the Thursday/Friday night games.

    There is an article on how the Univ. of Louisville has risen in national exposure by their agreeing with ESPN, to play their home football games on Tuesday evenings. That decision made some 3-4 years ago is why they have been able to leave the pathetic ‘Big East/All-America Conference’ and head to the ACC. Then again Louisville might be smarter an start looking towards the Big 12 ‘because’ Baylor is going to get screwed this year due to the fact the Big 12 doesn’t play a conference championship game – they need 12 schools to play such – Scott getting that Stanford/OR game on last Thursday and USC/OR St. on the week before and WA/UCLA is what is making a dull weeknight a game to watch.

    Remember the east coast does not and has not had any national football power since the late 40’s with Army and the mid 30’s with Fordham – last night’s game is all over the news wires – it was watched because it drew the curiosity of those who both respect and loath USC – we’re no different than the Yankees – mention the those three letters and watch the divide begin but also understand everyone is going to watch that tv set.

    • gotroy22

      Who on the East Coast was watching the Stanford -Oregon game that started at 9PM EST on a week night? Insomniacs? Larry Scott has devalued the Pac 10 into a Big West clone that would play at 2AM if the networks asked them.

      • rusoviet

        You know that logic is weird – MNF starts at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST) through out the east coast and has for decades. Even accounting for a Saturday night the major SEC games all begin @ 9:00 pm EST.

  • ProbationU

    Actually, Larry Scott should be happy long term. Los Angeles is the 2nd largest media market in the country and with 2 good football teams in the city, it is good for the conference. How much media is in Eugene?

    Bruin fans have been waiting over a decade to field a decent team. We aren’t as far along as we would like yet, but the matchup on 11/30 could be a very big game if both teams take care of business next week.

    The Bruins have let down the rivalry for a very long time. It should be an exciting game. Regardless of all the proclamations of Bruin “fear” of the mighty Trojans, the game will be on the field and not on the blogs. I might be afraid if I was running a crossing route in front of Devon Kennard, but alas, I will be watching from the comfort of home..and it is just a game…and game on!

    • Golden Trojan

      Or Anthony Barr coming on my blind side. This should be a great game. A huge boost for whoever wins. Gonna be SC though.

  • jetman624

    He should be happy. USC is still the marque name in this conference and the sooner they are back to full strength, the fatter his pockets will be. I don’t care how many wins Oregon or Stanford have compiled these last few years or how far UCLA has come since getting rid of slick rick. USC has generations upon generations of fans and haters a like all across the country. USC is still not only the biggest football brand in the second largest media market in the country, it is far and away the largest national brand this conference has. A win like last night will go a long ways with recruits and getting this program back on top.

    • rusoviet

      jet – that is why Orgeron will be the next HC – some suggest the smart move would be to announce such a week from today (24th Nov.) – pump up the team the fan base, focus the media on the announcement and have the Bruins wondering where their coverage went?

      • Lajollaboy

        I have to say I really like this idea.

    • gotroy22

      And who didn’t stand up for us when the NCAA nuked us? Larry Scott was too busy ruining the Pac 10 by adding two nobody schools with no television audience…

  • steveg

    Nobody really cares if Larry Scott is happy. We just wish he was gone. Puts together the Pac12 and includes Colorado. Not Utah St or BYU. Then he overprices the new network so only half of So. Cal can get it.

    • gotroy22

      And he allowed the Stanford-Oregon game to be put on a Thursday night like it was Ball State vs Eastern Michigan.

  • Arturo

    The same LS who wouldn’t go to bat for SC in front of the NCAA? Who cares how he feels.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Wolfie has always been concerned with how others feel…….for the sole purpose of creating controversy……

      • ProbationU

        Nice win last night Thoarse.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Thanks, PU…..I had plans last night, so I didn’t watch the game live. ….I recorded it on my DVR and watched it at 11pm……I turned off the radio in my car and avoided TV’s so I wouldn’t find out the score. ….my heart was pounding the whole time as I was watching the game…

          • ProbationU

            Funny how people view the game. My brother went to Stanford. He thinks they blew the game with blocked fg, bad play calls in red zone and interception. One team feels they won the game and one team thinks they gave it away. Depends on who you
            root for.

          • rusoviet

            Frankly Stanford was great between the ‘RZ’ but had no idea esp. in the 2nd half – it wasn’t a prevent defense it looked like a prevent offense – Hogan was ‘called out’ and failed. That pick by Dion Bailey was his noting he’d been burned on a previous play identical to the one he picked – it was flipped to the other side and he saw it unfold and moved.

            Champions in any campaign play through all the trapdoors. Stanford has had four years to take the next step up based on their past triumphs – I saw no fire in their effort – they lost because they seemed to be content with their chances in ‘OT’. USC, the other side wanted it ‘right now’ in regulation – gambled on an emotional 4th and 2 and the rest is for the record books..

  • Dr. Paul

    How about Larry Scott watching yesterday’s USC-Stanford game video showing the referees ignoring the chain and signaling “First Down” for Stanford and “reduce” the officiating payroll.

  • Brian

    Did anybody catch that snafu 3rd Q around 10:30 left a 2nd down 4yd to go holding penalty that didn’t get enforced? It resulted in 2nd down and 4yd to go again.

  • B.Miller

    How about the first down that was called that wasnt a FREAKING first down?