Jack Del Rio On USC Interview

Denver Broncos interim coach Jack Del Rio spoke tonight about his interview with USC athletic director Pat Haden.

“It’s an honor to be in consideration for something like that, but I also feel very honored to be here and be the defensive coordinator and interim head coach for the Denver Broncos,” Del Rio said. “All of my attention, all of my efforts and energies are going into the Denver Broncos right now.

“Down the road who knows where that goes? But that’s certainly not anything that needs to be discussed other than, is it true? Yes. It did occur. But that’s really it. I’m acknowledging it absolutely did, it was handled in a professional manner and now my attention is completely with helping this football team be prepared.”

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  • realtrojan

    With nobody knowing what would unfold between now and the end of the season, who’s to say Del Rio has no chance of becoming the next USC’s Head Coach? If Gruden is not coming, he might be one of the most viable options.

    • steveg

      Where do you put Orgeron? Is he one of the most viable options? Del Rio is alumni and is always brought up but doesn’t really fit. He won’t get hired as HC, bet the farm on it.
      Gruden and Orgeron, priceless!!

      • TrojanFamily

        The Farm isn’t worth enough now…you’ll need higher stakes

        • CardinalnGold


        • rusoviet

          Yeah they lost Saturday night to Troy.

  • wow. interviewing for another job in the middle of the season? and publicizing it??? slapping his own team across the face?? what a dikc!

    • B.Miller

      Denver franchise reported it

  • B.Miller

    Del Rio has absolutely no experience in college / recruiting / dealing with boosters and alum.. So he would have to keep some of
    these guys I think.. Hope its Pendergast the DC and O as assistant HC/ HC in
    waiting / recruiting coordinator..
    In my opinion this would be the best option if they don’t get Gruden, but the same scenario for Gruden as well..