Report: USC Interviewed Jack Del Rio

USC interviewed Denver Broncos interim coach Jack Del Rio, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, who said Pat Haden flew to Denver to interview him. Does that feel like an upgrade from Ed Orgeron?

Del Rio does not have college coaching experience and would be entering a new world with USC’s compliance obligations.

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  • Go Tama

    Del Rio = Hackett, Smith, Tollner aka DISASTER

  • rusoviet

    uh this was before last night’s game right? Believe me DelRio’s stock is gone – he’s focused on KC tonight and nothing else – hiring him would deflate everything accomplished in the last 24 hours. This is a non-starter but good cannon fodder for a sports writer with a slow news day.

    If Haden wants to wreck the momentum gained today and through the 30th November game against UCLA hire DelRio – the fans will abandon him, the team will quit on him and the media will turn on him – DelRio is not coming nor should he!

  • John Holmes

    Haden interviewed Del Rio 2 weeks ago. Why Glazer decided to report it now is funny. Doesn’t really mean anything. Lovie Smith was interviewed too. Gruden was kind of interviewed also.

    • Go Tama

      I thought you were dead John

      • rusoviet

        Wonderland – yeah – best quote was when LAPD asked the neighbors why no one phoned Hollywood Division when they heard all the screaming – paraphrase) – “That noise was coming out of there before – it didn’t sound any different this time then the times before!”

      • John Holmes

        I’ll always be alive. Eddie Nash made sure I’m well taken care of. I faked my own death.

  • steveg

    Gruden still is the man. Period. But only if he keep O.

  • peter

    After last nights natioanly telecast win,the deserved praise and hype of BIG O, the potential recruits this year and next that saw the game vibe. Coach O’s national name exploded. With a win over Colorado and Ucla,Its got to go to O.anybody else would be replacing a new legend. The BIG O. This is what movies are made of in tinsel town.

  • Arturo

    It’s just, as John Jackson,”Haden gathering information. ” Coach EO has to have the inside track now.

  • G Man

    Coach O has done a marvelous job so far, and deserves to be considered. However, Hayden will do the right thing and make sure the job goes to the best candidate. He will speak with many people and I’m sure this won’t be the last report about interviews.

    The future for USC is bright. If Coach O is the worst USC can do when the search is over, then that sounds pretty good to me. The Trojan machine goes up and up and up! It is great to be a Trojan fan!

  • tostevinUSC

    I don’t know if SC will get a second crack at Ed Orgeron. There are plenty of programs looking his way. I doubt he will be an assistant coach anywhere next year. And for those saying he isn’t qualified look again. He has college head coaching experience. Like most successful people he has learned from his experience and is applying that learning at a school that by all counts down on its luck. He has experience on both sides of the ball and even more impressive he knows how to listen. He listens to the other coaches and all of his players. How is he not qualified? Or better yet what qualifications did John McKay have?

  • B.Miller

    Del Rio has absolutely no experience in college / recruiting / dealing with boosters and alum.. So he would have to keep some of
    these guys I think.. Hope its Pendergast the DC and O as assistant HC/ HC in
    waiting / recruiting coordinator..

    In my opinion this would be the best option if they don’t get Gruden, but the same scenario for Gruden as well..