USC Morning Buzz

What a magical night it was at the Coliseum as USC upset No. 5-ranked Stanford. Who imagined a victory would inspire the above crowd scene?
“The fans were excited and spontaneous and louder than any time this season, clearly receptive to USC coach Ed Orgeron, who makes fans feel part of the program compared to his predecessor, Lane Kiffin.” Full story here

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  • steveg

    It is a new day, with new confidence, attitude, and swagger. Orgeron has taught the entire university how to win again. I cannot remember a team playing with so much heart. USC deserved to win and they knew how. Fight On!!

    • G Man

      Agreed, Steve. This team would not be playing this way under Kiffin. Kudos to Haden; it didn’t take him long to find a winner. A new day indeed!

      What we have been watching for the past four weeks is the performance of a big time college football team. SC gets better and better every week.

      I’m very proud of the USC players. Fight on!

    • marvgoux1

      Glad to see you finally admit Kiffin was a disaster like Paul Hackett who kept our talent from being expressed.

      • steveg

        I gave him a little grace, but was very very happy he got fired.

  • Cloud Shaman

    We have to give a Kiffin his due for bringing all the ingredients for this to happen i.e. recruiting and coach selection. He made the mistake of all young managers by micromanaging and believing his own bullshit instead of leading. Coach O learned his lesson at Ole Miss and he is the better man for it.

    • marvgoux1

      Kiffin his due? He was driving a sports car in first gear. Coach Ed unleashed the talent. Do you think Kiffin would have gone for it on 4th and two? He would have punted and played for overtime.

      • SGV 4 30 Years

        No he might have gone for it, but he would have thrown a bubble screen

      • Cloud Shaman

        He deserves no credit for where they are at as that is Orgeron. My point is he had bought the porsche but drove it like a soccer mom van.

    • Arturo

      Kiffin didn’t show enough seems as though today’s SC players thrive when their coach brings that to the table ( See Pete Carroll). The next coach better bring that; rooting for CEO.

    • B.Miller

      I agree.. If not for Kiffin all these pieces would have never been put together.. too bad he was never a leader and smart enough to find the right combination to be successful.. Bringing in Pendergast was the best move of his USC career

      • Cloud Shaman

        A fair minded chap you are.

  • Helen

    Big boost for recruiting, especially given just a few weeks ago the home crowd was booing the team in front of recruits.

    • marvgoux1

      Were you crying because the great win showed what a bonehead you have been defending Kiffin?


        Are you still talking about Kiffin?

        • Trojan Hoarse

          All the way to his grave. …”See?!!!….I told you so!”…..get over yourself, dude. ….

  • ThaiMex

    LAPD reports 10 injured 3 hospitalized as “fans” stormed the field (per Yahoo news).

    Fit UN!

    • CardinalnGold

      Troll on hater! I can’t wait until we run Sucla out of the Coli again in 2 weeks! We won’t be storming the field for that because it won’t be that big a deal.

    • rusoviet

      That’s the same number in the stands last Friday night against WA in the Rose Bowl –

      uc uh uh ahhh
      suc uh uh ah

      la uh uh uh (sound of vomiting)….

    • G Man

      “Un” no more.

      I can understand where you’re coming from. It must be so irritating that USC, despite all the sanctions and the Lane Kiffin era, continues to upstage UCLA and prove to the world that USC is still the premier program in Los Angeles.

      As a Trojan fan, your tears of jealousy are pretty tasty! Please keep the delicious posts coming! They are hilarious!

    • steveg

      Has that ever happened at a fucla game? Not. Storm the field for mediocrity? not.

    • Arturo

      So you get off when people at a sporting event get hurt? You are more classless than I thought.

  • Cheap seats

    Wolf being able to sit in the press box….


  • rusoviet

    As one call in on 710 ESPN made note of this morning and both Arborgast and Coach Hyde agreed – We can expect Pat Haden to announce Coach O to be named the permanent HC after the CO game next week – aside from Gruden who else is there? The players love him to death, recruitment is going to the stratosphere – more importantly as all three noted this news would be hailed everywhere and completely dominate sports coverage leading up to the game at the Coliseum against UCLA.

    • ProbationU

      Ed O has done a great job. Looking forward to 11/30. There is still work to be done on 11/23 to make it really important.

      • Arturo

        I hope Ucla beats ASU and that the truly better team wins on the 30th. Go Trojans!

    • Cloud Shaman

      I think the reach outs to Peterson and Sumlin were turned down.Also it is reported that Del Rio interviewed just recently as that was a courtesy interview. I think Haden will make his decision before the UCLA game as the people have spoken and the results are there.

    • Cheap seats

      As great as this win feels right now, it will feel much different if we lose to UCLA. It will be a distant memory. This is a “what have you done lately” town.