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Here’s an interview I did this afternoon with Steve Hartman and Pat O’Brien on whether Ed Orgeron will get the USC coaching job. Listen here

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  • Henry Bibby

    Did you mention 6-4 James Franklin and Mike Riley?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      No, he torpedoed Del Rio (as usual) and he insisted that the new head coach be “charismatic”…….

      • Henry Bibby

        Finally listened. Hartman worked him.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Exactly……Wolf moonwalked and backpedaled faster than Michael Jackson after drinking 10 Red Bulls….

          • Henry Bibby

            Haha, best USC game I have ever witnessed. Better than USC @ ND in 1997 and USC vs. Cal 2004. Those were my top 2 prior.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            I attended the triple OT game against Stanford a few years ago, and that may have been the best game (in defeat) that I ever witnessed… also, the 50-0 game against UCLA was fun, for about the first three quarters….I stayed till the very end, though, because I parked on someones front yard and there were plenty of cars parked behind me, so I was boxed in…. LOL

          • Henry Bibby

            That triple OT game would have made my list, if we won. That was a fun game to witness either way.

    • Independent_George

      Del Rio, it seems to me, is not much more than Orgeron, but much less charismatic.

  • Go Tama

    Pat O’Brien is as dumb as a box of rocks, is he still a drunk ?

  • TrojanFan

    Having you on the radio to talk USC football is a waste of airtime!

  • Henry Bibby

    Wolfie is so unprofessional in this interview. He has his dog barking in the background. Hartman schooled Wolfie too. Scotty seems to think that Jack Del Rio should not be the next USC head coach because he doesn’t understand the level of compliance at USC. Nor does he have head coaching experience at the college level. Hartman basically slapped him across the face with the fact Pete Carroll and Jim Mora didn’t have that either, yet they succeeded at the college level. Horrible interview again, congrats Scott and The Faily News.

    • Joe Blow

      And PO doesn’t even know who he really is! hahahaha

    • marvgoux1

      A deadbeat Dad is talking about being unprofessional?

  • rusoviet

    I thought it was a decent interview i.e. if Wolf does know anything he’s not about to state such and have it blow back in his face but he is strong against DelRio getting the job and that leaves very few choices to pick from that would hit the ground running >30th Nov..

    It looks more and more that Coach ‘O’ gets the job but I’m betting it won’t be a full five year deal – better for both sides.

    O’Brien was smart about the ‘substitute teacher’ analogy save that Coach O also had that defense ready Saturday night and that proved to be the winning hand.

  • john wolcott

    As a trial lawyer we seldom see 12-0 cases, but 10-2 are quite common. Meaning that out of 12 random folks you are probably going to get at least 2 who do not think like the majority.

    And of course our judgment is often painted, or is it tainted, over by our biases, and in this case ol’ Wolfie likes to be a controversial figure.

    I thought his interview was o.k., a little bit of self-deprecating humor mixed in with his opinions i.e. if Coach O beats SUCLA then the O-man has a 75% chance of being hired, whereas at the moment it is 50%. It was also informative that he said Haden is hyper-sensitive to the players’ opinions.

    So we shall see

    • rusoviet

      You’re right John he (Wolf) did make note of Haden’s interaction w. athletes but he also noted it was ‘all athletes’ i.e. not just football. I’m willing to bet that was in no small part due to the 3+ years Haden stayed with the McKay’s during high school watching the highs and lows and the toll it takes on a coach but it also says a lot of his own feeling as a former player – whne (I think it was Lee) during the AZ St. game was injured he accompanied the assistants taking him from the field and it was evident to him (Haden) just how much Kiffin’s demeanor and lack of honest empathy was having on the players and also on potential recruits watching that massacre in Tempe.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    “USC quarterback Cody Kessler and placekicker Andre Heidari were named Pac-12 Offensive and Special Teams Players of the Week, respectively, for their performances in the Trojans’ home victory over No. 5 Stanford last Saturday.

    Additionally, USC earned the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week as selected by the Football Writers Association of America. It is the fourth time that the Trojans have been so honored since the FWAA began naming teams of the week in 2002 (the other USC honors occurred in 2003, 2005 and 2008).”


    • TrojanFan

      Thanks for the info, TH.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Anytime, T-Fan…..if we had waited for Wolf to feed us this information, you and I would be bald like him…..

        • TrojanFan

          Bucket said, he has enough hair on his a$$ to weave a Indian blanket. ….ouch!

    • B.Miller

      Kessler finally getting some recognition!

  • peter

    Hartman is a UCLA Homer, o’Brien,well, let’s say he’s lucky to be employed, his true calling tmc.Now they use Wolfdoggie as their source to keep Westwood up to date. how lovely. Concerning coach O’s pro experience how many lineman and players he recruited over his years of experience have played pro?I’d say a lot….. if he wins these next two games to me only Gruden should have offer, and if so make O a offer that very few other colleges could match,to stay a Trojan.

  • Cloud Shaman

    If coach o beats ucla. they should give him give a one year extension to see how he does with a full season preparation. it most certainly wont hurt the team until some other winning program coach comes available just like Ohio State did with Luke Fickell. If he has truly matured then`we will know. i dont think a Sumlin or Gruden will come now. If he does win and they dont do this. I think he should bolt since the iron is hot.Del Rio will get another pro head coach shot after beating Kansas City and interviewing for USC. Another acid test of how much the players love him is how many juniors return as seniors.

    • BEATND

      I surely hopes Pat Haden has the professionalism not offer Coach O a one year interim coach extension, or a one year HC position. And if he does, I hope Coach O turns it down and leaves USC for a HC elsewhere. And finally, if Coach O should leave USC under these circumstances, I will NEVER attend another game at the coliseum.

  • Virtuoso performance, wolfman!!!

    The Dummies and even a few Nabobs finally giving you the props you DESERVE!!

    First you run Kiff outta town on a RAIL, and now you are single handedly putting the Agin’ Cajun on the MAP!!!



    • TrojanFan

      Get a room!