USC Morning Buzz

Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

USC wide receiver Marqise Lee said he is undecided about his future even though everyone expects him to turn pro. Meanwhile, Lee thinks Ed Orgeron should return as USC coach.

“At the end of the day, no matter what I decide, I hope he comes back,” Lee said.

That sentiment is echoed by safety Su’a Cravens.

“We want Coach O next year,” Cravens said. “Forget the hiring, forget all that. If we’ve got Coach O, that’s all we need.”

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  • realtrojan

    There’s no doubt that Coach O is irresistibly likable guy and a great motivator. He has already proved it. Now, is he the long term HC material for the prestigious program like USC? That’s the question Pat Haden and those who are involved in decision making process must answer very soon. Personally. I’d love to see Coach O stay in the program, even with the new HC if that could be worked out somehow. I may be daydreaming, but Jon Gruden teaming up with Coach O sounds like a killer combination.

    • CardinalnGold

      Haden may have a hard time seeing past coach O’s record at Ole Miss. It’s obvious that he’s grown tremendously as a coach since then.

      Haden may also worry that the team may flop under Coach O in 2014 the same way it did under Kiffen in 2012. SC flopped under Kiffen because Kiffen was very insecure. Coach O is comfortable in his own skin & the players buy into him because of it.

      Coach O may not be the “safe” hire, but I’m starting to believe that he’s the right hire.

      • tim macintosh

        Coach O seems to have learned quite a bit from his failure at Ole Miss. He seems to let the coordinators do their thing while he manages.

  • Brad Hutchings

    These guys have a shared history and shared purpose with Orgeron because of the contrast with Kiffin. Will next year’s Freshmen have that same connection?

    If Haden hires outside and pays Coach O enough to stick around, is there a weird dynamic where the official HC isn’t the team’s spirit animal? To borrow an analogy from The Joe Schmo Show…

    • gotroy22

      Thinking Ed will stick around is wishful thinking. He’s the hottest commodity in coaching now. If we don’t sign him someone else like Kentucky will.

  • how sweeet is this?? Bounce Pass is now locked in with this boorish, barefooted, bayou bumpkin!!!!

    The players will revolt if chooses anyone else!!

    hey Bounce Pass, have fun at those ritzy fund raisers with the Agin’ Cajun stomping around with those Flintstone feet, tearing off his shirt and washing his face in the punchbowl!!

    this Forrest Gump routine was good for five games….now the bitter reality will set in!!


    • Trojan Hoarse

      The “bitter reality” will be setting in on November 30th….

      • ProbationU

        Maybe…and maybe not! Looking forward to finding out. I hope we both win and the game means something again. My Bruins have been lousy for too long. Have been feeling like a Cubs or Clippers fan for over a decade!

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Either way, one of these teams will be dealing with the bitter reality of unmet expectations…..I’m eager to find out, as well….the game will finally have much more meaning than just bragging rights of “who owns LA”………..

          • ProbationU

            Could just decide who gets their a$$ kicked in Eugene! My expectations for our team were about the same as last year…a good not great team. Schedule was tougher this year with road games at Nebraska, Utah, Stanford, Oregon, Arizona and SC. Not an easy slate. Mora is building a program but we were so bad, hard to expect really good in 2 years. SC also has challenges ahead. Orgeron has done a remarkable job turning the team around. Haden has a tough choice…because Ed has earned it, but you never know what he might have already had in the works.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            I agree……The road to the Rose Bowl this year goes through Eugene……and as valiant as our defense played against Stanford, they would be hard pressed to keep up with a high caliber spread offense, such as Oregon’s, for 4 quarters…..I give Mora a ton of credit for piecing together an effective patchwork at OL, while finding a diamond in the rough at RB with Myles Jack…..

          • ProbationU

            With 18 freshman playing the future looks bright. Doesn’t mean I am guaranteeing the “pain” like some people on here…but what I see quite clearly is the we will finally be competing and not just laying down. 50-0 got the program turned much like 62-41 did for SC. I was at the 67 game with #1 UCLA and #2 USC. Unfortunately we had an extra point blocked, the Brentwood Slasher went crazy and we lost 21-20. BUT, that is how the rivalry SHOULD be.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Completely agree….. UCLA have come a long way, though, to likely be considered the favorite in this years rivalry game…..

          • ProbationU

            SC will be favored in the game, no doubt. ASU is favored by 3 this week and we have them at home. If we win, I would say SC favored by 3. If we lose, SC by 7 would be my estimate. Not that the line means anything. I have seen too many of these games. Until the last decade, they were usually close, competitve games.


      The fucla bRuins are throwing a tantrum because all of the media attention has come back to USC.

  • rusoviet

    The risk here is a new coach is going to have to ramp up per recruiting as prospects, right now, like what they see in Coach O and the feeling of the team itself. You also risk losing fan support as well as media fallout and the choice you make has to meet and exceed what Coach O has done. No one is coming on board w.o. a five year deal and that alone is loaded with risk based on what is expected.

    I’d say ‘split the difference’ give Coach O a three year deal with an extension clause embedded during second year.

    As noted today on ESPN “You don’t propose marriage after two dates.”

    Unless it’s Gruden USC would be making a huge error in passing on Coach O.

  • Cloud Shaman

    lee will stay if he has a baby mama

  • B.Miller

    If the players are so behind coach O and he has shown great results.. WHY NOT KEEP HIM?
    When did a name become more important than who the kids love playing for and WIN for?
    If Coach O wins out, there is no way SC can not give him the job 100%
    Keep the $6 mil on hold!