USC-Stanford Report Card

Here are the grades for the thriller at the Coliseum on Saturday night.


Cody Kessler’s 4th down pass to Marqise Lee alone is worth a high grade.



Not really their fault there was nowhere to go all night. Tre Madden needs to get fully healthy for UCLA game. Forget Colorado.



Marqise Lee finally showed moments that harkened back to 2012. Another player who needs to be at peak performance level for UCLA.



Stanford’s defensive line was pretty awesome and nothing here changed that perception.



Tyler Gaffney had a big game but Stanford QB Kevin Hogan was largely ineffective. Leonard Williams had seven tackles.



Anthony Sarao with 12 tackles and Hayes Pullard with 11 showed they were the ones moving to help stop running game.



The weak link of the defense came through with two big plays as Dion Bailey stopped a huge scoring opportunity and Su’a Cravens picked off Hogan’s terrible pass.



Andre Heidari’s kick was big but so was Chad Wheeler’s blocked field goal. Trojans lucky Stanford kicker injured in warmups.



Ed Orgeron’s biggest strength is that he doesn’t try to screw things up like Lane Kiffin always did. In other words, Orgeron let’s the Trojans play. He doesn’t impose “his” will on the team.


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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Forget Colorado?…..way to motivate the ranks, Scottie….

  • JJ Griffiths

    i dont think we’ll have a letdown against such a bad colorado team…but you never overlook the next opponent. if we did, scott would be the first one to rag on the the team and coaches – so for him to say “Forget Colorado” is…well, the usual foolishness.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Exactly…..Scottie has never embraced the “one game at a time” philosophy….he is already concerned about which bowl game USC will be playing in…

  • Henry Bibby



  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    “…he doesn’t try to screw things up like Lane Kiffin always did.”
    Did you really just write this? You are such a petty, little clown.
    Wolf actually managed to be the only one to look worse during the 6+ weeks since Haden decided to replace Kiffin with Orgeron. Quite a feat given that he was already a bottom-feeder.

  • ProbationU

    Wolfie is showing 2 things here. 1. SC’s football team is not overrated and may be underrated. 2. SC’s Journalism school is probably overrated.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    So Scottie…. a serious question here….which high profile recruits attended the game?

    • Helen

      Good question. Although it was nice to get the win over Stanford, the bigger impact on the program will come from future recruits who were either in attendance or viewed the game on TV. It would be nice if Scottie interviewed some of the high profile recruits to get their reaction to the game. I would assume they are taking notice of USC’s rebirth.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        I agree…. however, Wolfie is too busy taking videos, from the nosebleed section, of the crowd rushing the field……

    • Helen

      From a LA Daily News rival: “Jordan Lasley was one of the many top prospects at the Stanford-USC game on Saturday night and he’s still very seriously considering the Trojans even though he remains committed to UCLA.”

      Chuckie: care to comment?

  • Helen

    The Real USC-Stanford Report Card

    As usual, Scottie is one misguided individual.


    Career game for Cody Kessler. He implemented the game plan to perfection and with great poise.


    With only one healthy running back and no holes to go through they/Allen hung in there. But they really shined on their pass routes, which was a nice wrinkle Helton added
    that confused Stanford. We need Redd and Madden to get healthy for UCLA and Colorado should not be forgotten, but it should be a nice game to get Issac some serious carries.


    With the lack of a run game, the receivers were asked to carry the offense and they did a great job of it. Going for it on 4th down was risky, but targeting a crippled Lee was crazy – I still don’t know how they pulled that off.


    Stanford’s defensive line was dominate but Helton’s game plan kept them off-balance most of the night. Run blocking sucked but pass protection was excellent most of the night.


    DL held their own and actually controlled the line for most of the first half. They were running on steam in the second half yet still managed a draw with perhaps the most physical OL in college.


    Their speed offset the physical OL and for the most part were impenetrable. Stanford managed a couple long runs after getting past the linebackers and the safeties were out of


    Bailey and Cravens were MIA most of the night except for the two INTs. Shaw seemed lost much of the game. Rare game when Seymour was the best performing DB.


    Yes Heidari’s kick was big and Wheeler’s blocked field goal on a very low kick was important, but where was the return game? And another missed extra point? Scottie: did you see that two-point conversion??


    Great game plan and preparation by the positional coaches. Scottie: Kiffin doesn’t coach here any more and a great head coach DOES impose his will on the team and that has been
    missing since Pete Carroll left.

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      I agree with this scorecard. One thing I would add is Soma Vainuku on special teams. That guy routinely blows up the middle of a kickoff return. He usually puts the first blocker on his back and in the case of the final kickoff, he dumped him right into Stanford’s returner, and then proceeded to make the tackle. I’ve never enjoyed kickoffs as I do now watching Vainuku with a full head of steam.

      • Helen

        Nice addition. It was good to see the announcers highlight Vainuku as well.

    • Ray Reyes

      Cody seemed really humble in the win. That is so cool!

      • Ray Reyes

        BEAT THE BRUINS!!! Oh but wait, colorado first !

    • TrojanFamily

      Much improved from Wolf. I would give special teams an A-. Heidari missed an extra point, but he made the freakin’ game-winner. That’s called failing the midterm and acing the final! And coverage was great against a really talented Stanford return team. They didn’t return a kick for any real big play, so thats why its an A- rather than an A.

  • Cheap seats

    Scott’s Q&A sessions… F.

    He actually never answered the last 2 rounds. Likely because they were BRUTAL.

    I asked him shortly after the Kiffin firing from the last Q&A he actually replied to: “Are we going to see 18+ Kiffin-related blogs per week even now that he’s gone?”

    Scott replied, “Not likely.”

    Bullsh*t. The wind blows and Scott still finds an excuse to write about Kiffin.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      I remember reading that, as I laughed out loud and shook my head…..

  • Ray Reyes

    Oh wait!!! did UGLY beat Stanford? Charlie bucket>